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Main Manufacturing Machinery

  • Rigid Stranders

    Rigid Stranders

    Groud shalf or independent motor driving. automatic or manual loading system.

  • Laying-up Machines

    Laying-up Machines

    Shaft Type or independent driving,electromagnetic tension high speed upto 50m/min.

  • Tubular Stranders

    Tubular Stranders

    Use for 7 core copper and aluminum conductor, also professional for steel wire rope machine.

  • Planetary Stranders

    Planetary Stranders

    Using hysteresis tension, multi-purpose, 100% Back-twist,also professional for steel wire rope machine.

  • Bow Stranders

    Bow Stranders

    High efficiency cabling, specially for ABC cable, unique shield patent.

  • Cable Extrusion Line

    Cable Extrusion Line

    Super long quality guarantee, high speed and stability, accessories using international famous brands.

  • 6-35KV CCV Line

    6-35KV CCV Line

    Triple co-extruding machine 65+150+90 for MV/HV cable. Low price and turn-key service.

  • Auxiliary Machine

    Auxiliary Machine

    High quality Pay-offs and Take-ups, Taping head, Armouring head, Caterpillar to choose.


factory picture of Ningbo Capstian Technolog Co.,Ltd.

Ningbo Capstian Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the design, manufacture, assembly and sales of wire and cable machinery and related products. The company was founded in 2010, since its inception, the company has organized a strong R & D team, adhering to the "people-oriented" concept. The company has more than 10 years of rich experience, has developed a variety of high-tech products according to market demand. With the help of high-quality equipment such as CNC center, the production is carefully organized to make the performance and quality of machine tools reach the first-class level, and strive to build a good image of "CAPSTIAN" brand.

The company has strong mechanical production and design capacity, the main products are cable extrusion production line, rigid stranders, cable laying-up machines, planetary stranders, tubular stranders, drum twisters, etc.... In the data cable, power cable, wire and cable, optical cable, construction wire and other industries, intelligent logistics, warehousing and other product research and development... Our technical level has reached new standards and opened up a broad space for development.



Capstian machinery serves small and medium-sized cable manufacturing enterprises in the world, and adopts internationally famous accessories in our cable machinery, which has achieved a good reputation.


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