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How to install the tubular stranding machine horizontally?

How to install the pipe winch horizontally:

1. The use of pipe winch in cable production is very common, and it is the basic equipment in cable production. Due to its high speed,

 high production efficiency and low price, the pipe winch plays a very important role in the manufacture of cable and steel wire rope.

2. Generally, the pipe winch has 6 bobbin stranding cage connected into one, showing horizontal installation. Due to high-speed rotation, 

the requirements for the level of the foundation are very high. If the installation is not horizontal, the cylinder block will

 vibrate and the bearing will be damaged after long-term operation. So what steps do we need to do before installing the machine?

2.1. For the production of foundation, the project provides the drawings of machines and foundation. 

The customer finds the construction company according to the requirements,

 builds the cement foundation according to the drawings, and keeps it dry according to the hardness requirements.

2.2. Before installation, check that the machine is still level after shipping, and conduct the level test through 

the six points in the following picture. Why check the level here? During transportation and loading and 

unloading from the truck, the whole cylinder body will be bent due to the unprofessional lifting tools, so it needs to be tested.

2.3 for the test of leaving a benchmark, we recommend professional level test instruments instead 

of the recommended level devices we usually use. General construction companies or

 highway survey companies have professional equipment. The pictures are as follows.

 When measuring the level, take one of the six datum points of the machine as the standard, and the other five datum points are balanced with it.

2.4. Some factories do not have professional tools. At this time, we adopt a very simple horizontal method. 

Fill with water with a transparent water pipe. The water at one end of the water pipe is parallel to the reference point,

 and the water at the other end of the water pipe is parallel to the other reference point. If it is unbalanced,

 there is a horizontal error. To ensure that the six datum points must be balanced at the same time.

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