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Pay-off stand / Take-up stand/ haul off / Caterpillar / Spark tester/ Diameter tester / Metal wrapping machine / No-metal wrapping machine / Taping head unit / Coiling Machine / Packing Machine.


As an important part of cable equipment, cable machinery auxiliaries are used in different cable production lines. It is mainly used for setting out, take-up, traction, testing and other functions. It mainly includes the following categories.

2.Main sort:

(1). Pay-off strand include end shaft pay-off, portal type pay-off, active pay-off, passive pay-off etc.

(2).Take-up stand include end shaft pay-off, portal type pay-off, doule reel take-up,etc.

(3). Haul off deive include wheel type capstan, pneumatic caterpillar.

(4). Taping machine include  Metal wrapping machine(Half cut and concentric type),No-metal wrapping machine(steel tape wrapping machine and copper tape screening machine).

(5). Spark tester.

(6). Outer diameter tester.

(7). Printing machine include laser printing machine and ink printing machine.

(8). Meter counter include mechanic or digital type.

(9). Coiling machine: automatic or semi-automatic coiling and packing machine.

(10). Rewinding machine.


4. Main bobbin size:



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