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PB600 Copper Tape Amored Machines With Independent Motor

1. Applicant: Copper tape twist

2. Wire dia.: 100mm

3. Pitch: infinitely adjustable

4. Pad: 5 reel

5. Payment: T/T

6. Delivery: 90 days.

7. PLC: Siemens

8. Motor: Siemens

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PB600 Copper Tape Amored Machines With Independent Motor


The unit is a 600mm diameter copper tape shielding unit, which is mainly used for laying copper tape on the outer layer of cable.

 The whole machine is operated by color touch screen, PLC unified coordinated control, separate motor drive design, wide range of pitch, 

advanced electronic control system, convenient operation and stable operation condition.

2. Main Component:


Ø 2500mm portal pay-off

1 set


Wire guide frame

1 set


PB600 Concentric type copper tape screening machine

1 set


Mechanical meter counter

1 set


TQD1600 caterpillar

1 set


Ø 2500mm portal take up and traverse line rack

1 set


Electronic control system

1 set


Safety protection device


copper tape screening machine from capstian

copper tape screening machine from capstian

copper tape screening machine from capstian

3. PB600  Concentric type copper tape screening machine

3.2.1. Maximum cable passing diameter: Ø 100mm

3.2.2. Applicable copper tape width: 16-60mm

3.2.3. Working principle: Concentric wrapping

3.2.4. Armor pitch: :infinitely adjustable

3.2.5. Quantity of tape storage:  ≥5 discs

3.2.6. Reel diameter: Ø 600mm

3.2.7. Steel tape armoring machine speed range: 0-600rpm

3.2.8. Motor power: :7.5KW(AC)

3.2.9. Belt break stop:  Electric control trigger

3.2.10. Equipment center height: 1000mm

3.2.11. The copper tape head is a plane concentric winding structure, driven by a motor, stepless speed change, and stepless adjustment of the pitch range.

3.2.12. The unwinding tension is controlled by a hysteresis tensioner, and the tension value is input through the touch screen, which is automatically controlled by the programmable controller PLC. The tension size can be adjusted without stopping, the tension output is constant, and the operation is convenient.

3.2.13. The copper tape head is equipped with a plane air brake. The whole braking process of the whole machine is completed by the motor inverter, the air pressure braking system, the braking resistor, etc. through the overall coordinated control of the PLC. The whole machine is braked consistently, effectively avoiding inertia Rotate, tear the strip.

3.2.14. Stopping when the belt is broken: when the belt is broken and the copper belt is used up, the whole machine can automatically stop and brake, and prompt on the touch screen.

3.6. Electric control system:

3.6.1. The electric control part is composed of operation cabinet, touch screen, etc., and corresponding control buttons are set in each unit

3.6.2. The control cabinet has good mechanical performance and dust-proof design, and is equipped with an appropriate amount of vents.

3.6.3. The power supply is three wire five phase system: 380V (± 10%) 50Hz.

3.6.4. Total installed power: 15kw

3.6.5. Motor protection function: the electrical control circuit is designed with phase loss, overload and overheating protection functions to prevent motor damage.

3.6.6. The alarm fault information can be queried online on the touch screen or Ethernet, with the function of alarm fault storage, and the historical operation information can be set to be deleted only by personnel with management authority.

3.6.7. All drive motors are designed with encoders, and the encoder feedback operates in the closed-loop control system.

3.6.8. The unit adopts PLC for unified and coordinated control operation. Touch screen man-machine interface is adopted for operation. Simple and convenient operation.

4.         Operating directon: Equipment operation direction: Right head machine, facing device operation,  left release line, right take-up line

5.         Main parts brand:


Bearing brand



Low voltage appliance brand



Brand of pneumatic component



Brand of main drive motor



Take-up motor brand



Frequency conversion controller



PLC&Touch screen



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