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Cable Extrusion Line

SJ65/12 High Temperature Silicon Rubber Cable Extrusion Production Line

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SJ65/12 High Temperature Silicon Rubber Cable Extrusion Production Line


Applicable to all kinds of carbon fiber silicone heating wire, high temperature silicone (silicone rubber) wire and cable and high temperature silicone (silicone rubber) sleeve extrusion production.

2. Technical Parameter:
2.1 Diameter of cable core:φ1.0mm to 2.76mm
2.2 Outer diameter of sheath:φ1.5mm to 5.0mm
2.3 Designed speed:Max 150m/min(According to cable size)
2.4 Machine central height:1000mm
2.5 Pay-off bobbin size:PN500 to PN630
2.6 Take-up bobbin size:PN500 to PN630
2.7 Screw diameter:φ65mm
2.8 L/D of screw:12:1
2.9 Rotating speed of screw:10r/min to 110r/min
2.10 Max. extrusion output:160Kg/h (PVC)
2.11 Voltage class:Three-phase five-line, 380V/50Hz.

3. Technical sheet of high temperature extruder

Specification 65 80 90 120
Finished hose diameter
1.2-8.0 mm
2.0-16 mm
5.0-30 mm
8.0-50 mm
Line speed (max.)
150 m/min
150 m/min
70 m/min
40 m/min
Extrusion output (max.)
70 kg/h  150kg/h
2000 kg/h
300 kg/h
12:1 12:1
Extruder power
11kw 22kw 30kw 55kw
Payoff reel
500-630mm 500-630mm 800-1600mm 1250-2500mm
Take-up reel
500-630mm 500-630mm 800-1600mm 1250-250mm
Water Curing length 16m 24m 24m 36m
Capstan wheel 500mm 500mm 800kg 1250kg

4. Features:

  • The whole production line is controlled by PLC+ touch screen, which can control, feedback, adjust and monitor the process parameters of the production line in the whole process.
  • The use of silicone screw, screw barrel, machine head, eye mold, internal design unique water circulation system to prevent internal vulcanization.
  • The use of silicone special self-centering head and water cooling automatic or manual control system.
  • The precise automatic detection and feedback system is configured to ensure that the parameters of each part of the wire reach the standard, reduce the amount of scrap and greatly reduce the cost.

5. Our Services of Capstian extruder
What to provide customers with after-sales service?
Pre-sales services:
1. Inquiry and consulting support.
2. Customized design program.
3. Pre-sale training: in order to guarantee all customers fully to operate the machine, if a customer needs, we can help our customer training, includes:
1) Correct operating mode.
2) Correct maintenance way.
3) Remove simple problem of our product.
After-sales service:
Since the shipment date, our company freely assuring period of after-sale maintenance service is:
1) 1year for mechanical part.
2) 6 month for electrical part.
3) Offer lifetime consultation on problems occurred.

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