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PN2000 Portal Take-up and Traverse Line Rack

1. Bobbin size: PN1000-PN2000

2. Voltage: 380V

3. Max wire: 60mm

4. Production time: 30 days.

5. Payment: T/T

6. Freigth way: FOB/CIF

  • Product Detail

PN2000 Portal Take-up and Traverse Line Rack

1. Specification range of take-up reel: PN1000-PN2000

2. Maximum load capacity: 10 tons

3. Wire diameter range: 6-60mm

4. Speed change stages of take-up reducer: 3 stages

5. Maximum take-up speed: 70m / min

6. Take-up motor power: 5.5kW (AC)

7.Lift motor: 1.1kw

8. Open and close motor:1.1kw 6 class

9. Walking motor: 1.1kw 731 time Pendulum needle motor

10. Cable arrangement form: translation, reciprocating and centered cable arrangement.

11. The winding motor is designed with encoder, and the encoder feedback operates in the closed-loop control system.

12. The take-up reducer has internal three-stage variable speed regulation and oil spraying lubrication.

13. Mechanical structure: double column door type telescopic jacking shaft, the wire reel is suspended on the lifting and sliding column columns on both sides, and the whole machine arranges the wires left and right through the ground track through the pendulum pin reducer

14. Reel lifting: both sides of reel are supported by columns The reel lifting is driven by two groups of reduction motors, which are placed above the column and drive the sliding blocks on both sides to lift the reel. The sliding block can be lifted and lowered separately to make the height of sliding blocks on both sides consistent. The proximity switch acts at the highest position on both sides, and the time limit switch acts at the lowest position. When the reel drops to the lowest point, it can effectively protect the reel and machine from damage.

15. Equipment structure and features: LMS gantry take-up frame has the characteristics of optimized design, excellent processing, etc. The whole machine is composed of two ground beams with rollers, two columns, sleeve telescopic beams and electrical system. The main components are made of high quality steel plate by bending welding. The telescopic sleeve is made of high strength seamless steel tube. The shape is beautiful, the rigidity and stability of the whole machine are good, the whole machine translates reciprocating line, and the wire is straight into the take-up disc without distortion by external force. It has left row, right row, left quick row and right quick row button, which is convenient for adjusting the take-up position in the production process.

16. The whole machine is coordinated and controlled by a separate programmable controller (PLC) and man-machine interface (color touch screen).

portal take-up rack from ningbo capstian

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