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Tubular Stranders

300/1+6 Tubular Strander Line With Electromagnetic Tension

  • Tension: Electromagnetic
  • Warranty time: 12 months.
  • Delivery time: 90-120 days.
  • Payment: 30% by T/T, 70% before delivery.
  • Application: Bare Cu.Al.St.
  • Original: China.

  • Product Detail
  • Parameters
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300/1+6 Tubular Strander Line With Electromagnetic Tension.


The machine is mainly used for 7-core steel wire stranding. The appearance of the unit is a national patent design, which improves the safety protection level, runs stably at high speed and effectively reduces the running noise. The unit adopts electromagnetic tension to provide paying off tension, with more uniform tension output and convenient operation.

300/1+6 Tubular Strander Line With Electromagnetic Tension from capstian


Single wire diameter



Max strand diameter



Through line hole diameter



Strand pitch range

15.46mm-119.49mmcustomer standard


Cage max rotation speed



Cage max rotation speed with load



Traction line speed range

15.46-119.49m/mincustomer standard is what?


Traction wheel diameter



Bobbin size in cage



Pay-off bobbin



Take-up bobbin size

600(customer standard)


Main motor power



Central pay-off frame

1 set


6 bobbins strand cage

1 set


parallel die holder and Straightening device

1 set


Ø600+Ø600 double traction device

1 set


φ 600 fixed type take-up and traverse frame

1 set


Electrical control system

1 set


Safety protecting system

1 set


Adapt bobbin size



Cage max rotation speed



Cage max rotation speed with load



Braking form

Air pressure brake


Tension form

Electromagnetic tension


Tension range



Loading bobbin way

Top clamping


Break wire protection form

Touch type


Threading line form

Out walking line

4.2.10The cylinder body adopts 3 + 3 two-stage and whole pipe bearing structure, the support frame at the setting out inlet is supported by double row roller self-aligning bearing, and a set of thrust bearing is added at the same time to ensure the bearing capacity of the cylinder body's axial movement; the middle and outlet end are supported by two groups of large bearings, flange type butt joint is convenient for maintenance and disassembly; large bearings are lubricated by new oil and air; oil is supplied by separate oil pump motor, Thin oil lubrication, labyrinth seal, with dual functions of lubrication and cooling, oil storage in the bearing housing, no need to set a single oil tank, clean working condition.

4.2.11The cylinder is made of thick wall steel pipe, and the internal stress is eliminated before processing, and the dynamic balance is corrected after processing

4.2.12The back support seat, middle and outlet end two groups of large bearing seats of the main engine are all made of gray iron castings by EPC process, which can absorb vibration and reduce noise

4.2.13The base of the main machine is made with the help of a special platform, annealed, and then processed by a large-scale gantry milling machine once and for all

4.2.14Steel plate splicing welding and setting out frame, CNC cutting plate, adopting bending process, less welding position, large bearing capacity, overall annealing and stress relief after boring

4.2.15load bobbin method: the wire tray is installed and clamped through the center in the cradle, and the center on the operation side is worm gear structure, which can be telescoped. The tightening and loosening of the wire tray is completed by the electric wrench. The loading and unloading line tray is convenient and has the mechanical self-locking function. The wire tray is installed in the cradle with the help of the crown block in the workshop

4.2.16The setting out adopts hysteresis tension, the tension is adjusted by the tension control panel installed on each cradle, the tension value 0-100 digital display is convenient for micro adjustment, and the tension range of 5-40n can be provided

4.2.17The "Annular touch type" and "bottom bar touch type" broken wire stop protection functions are respectively added at the outgoing line end of the main engine and the lower part of the barrel side, so as to facilitate automatic stop after disconnection and completion of the line

4.2.18Main engine braking: air pressure butterfly brake is used to brake the whole machine, with two sets of brakes acting simultaneously

4.2.19The main engine adopts external wiring mode, equipped with multiple alloy sleeves or guide wheels, so that the wiring is more smooth without scratch or jump

4.2.20The front end of the main engine is equipped with 6 single wire pre pre-formation devices, with pre twisted pitch

4.2.21The protective cover adopts the electric up turn type totally closed structure structure, with built-in sound-absorbing board interlayer, noise absorption, built-in lighting, with cover opening and parking, improving the protection level. The hood is consistent with the main engine. The layout of two sections is integrated. Each three cradles can be electrically controlled to open and close

4.2.22Safety protection: high temperature alarm of large bearing, insufficient oil supply flow alarm of lubrication

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