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Tubular Stranders

630/1+6 Tubular Stranding Machines For ACSR

Application: Bare Cu,Al, Steel wire

Warranty Time: 12 months.

Delivery time: 90 days.

Payment term: 30% by T/T, 70% before delivery time.

Driving form: Shaft type

Motor brand: Siemens, WNM.

Bearing brand: NSK,HRB,SKF,etc

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630/1+6 Tubular Stranding Machines For ACSR.

1. Use:

This machine is mainly used for stranding 7-core copper and aluminum wires. The appearance of the unit is planned and designed by the professional technical team, breaking through the conventional manufacturing process, with atmospheric appearance, stable high-speed operation and low noise.

Use large bearings with centralized lubrication and temperature monitoring.

Modern bobbin brake and bobbin drive system ensure constant tension of steel wire.

Fill factor controlled friction brake.

Hysteresis brake controlled by filling factor.

Tension control, filling factor control driver for each bobbin with tension recorder.

Optimized conductor conduit to adapt to different conductors, strands or pipes.

Infinitely variable laying lengths can be achieved by using separate component driven technologies (AC and DC technologies)

6 to 18 spools.

Machine bobbin flange diameter 200-1000 mm (standard).


Single wire diameter





Max strand external diameter



Strand pitch range



Cage max rotation speed



Traction line speed range



Traction wheel diameter



Bobbin size in cage



Take-up bobbin size



Main motor power



630 fixed type pay-off frame

1 set


6 bobbins strand cage

1 set


Assembling die holder

1 set


Ø1200+Ø1000 double capstan device

1 set


φ 1600 end shaft type take-up and traverse frame

1 set


Mechanical Transmission system

1 set


Electrical control system

1 set


meter counter

1 set


Anchor bolt

1 set


Adapt bobbin size



Cage max rotation speed


4.2.3 full arterial protection

4.2.4 large bearing protection 1 high temperature alarm

4.2.5 large bearing protection 2 insufficient oil supply alarm

4.2.6 threading mode: wiring inside the cylinder

4.2.7 form of tension mechanical friction tension

4.2.8 installation mode: end shaft type, clamping and loosening the wire coil by electric wrench, internal mechanical locking, safe and stable, not easy to throw out the outlet plate, and convenient to load and unload the wire coil. The wire reel is lifted into the cradle with the aid of the aerial vehicle in the workshop.

4.2.9 form of tension in cradle: mechanical friction tension is adopted, and the tension is manually adjusted.

4.2.10 the pay off frame is in the form of integral bending and welding. After NC cutting and bending of raw materials, the integral assembly welding is carried out, and then the internal stress is eliminated through annealing treatment, and the overall mechanical strength is enhanced. It is made of high precision, high mechanical strength and durability.

4.2.11 the cylinder body adopts 3 + 3 two-stage, whole pipe bearing structure, double row roller self-aligning bearing support is used in the support frame of pay off inlet and outlet end; two groups of large bearing support are used in the middle; oil pump motor is used for oil supply, thin oil lubrication, labyrinth seal, with dual functions of lubrication and cooling, oil storage in bearing seat chamber, no need for single oil tank, small floor area and clean working condition.

4.2.12 the base of the main engine is an integral welded part with one-stage structure. The plane is processed by large-scale machine tool to improve the overall stability.

4.2.13 the double automatic shutdown protection function of "high temperature early warning and flow early warning" is added to the large bearing group to avoid damage to other hardware caused by operation in bad condition and get timely maintenance.

4.2.14 the cylinder body is made of thick walled steel pipe. Annealing treatment is conducted before processing to eliminate internal stress, and dynamic balance correction is conducted after overall processing.

4.2.15 main engine braking: butterfly type pneumatic braking device is adopted to ensure safe and reliable braking.

4.2.16 the main engine adopts internal wiring mode, equipped with multiple wear-resistant thread nozzles or guide wheels and guide roller groups, so as to make the wiring more smooth, no bending, no scratch and no groove jumping.

4.2.17 the rear support seat of the main engine, the large bearing pedestal at the middle and outlet end are all made of gray iron castings with EPC process, which can fully absorb vibration, reduce noise and have a beautiful appearance.

4.2.18 the new type of front drive is adopted for the main engine, and the cylinder body does not bear torque, so as to fully avoid cylinder cracking. Toothed belt transmission can effectively avoid loss of rotation and ensure stable and even pitch.

4.2.19 the protective cover of the main engine adopts the push-pull structure, and the far-infrared personnel close to the parking protection is set at the operation side of the main engine to improve the safety level of the equipment operation.

4.2.20 the front end of the whole machine is equipped with 6 pre deformers and pre twisted pitch.

4.2.21 it is equipped with automatic pulse type wire breaking stop protection device, which can stop and brake in time after the broken wire and wire are used

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