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800 Type Steel Belt Armouring Machine, Metal Taping Machine

  • Warranty time: 12 months.
  • Delivery time: 50-90 days.
  • Application: metal taping winding
  • Voltage:380V 50Hz
  • Payment: T/T
  • Driving: motor
  • Product Detail

800 Type Steel Belt Armouring Machine, Metal Taping Machine.

1. Use:

It is used for auxiliary machinery of cable and wire manufacturing equipment, and it can also be used for separate units of steel belt assembly. It is mainly used for winding metal belt.


Brake form

Pulse type belt breaking parking


Max through line diameter



Taping taking reel outer diameter



Taping belt width range

16-300 mm (stepless adjustable)


Taping belt twisting form



Taping belt reel quantity

2 reels


Tension form

Mechanical friction tension


Rotation speed





-------Purpose: it is mainly used for laying steel strip armoring of cable outer layer.

-------Design structure: there is a locking mechanism at the clamping position of the steel strip disc. The steel strip is put into the angle adjusting device through the straightening guide roller group, and finally laid and wound on the cable. There are mold seats on both sides of the connection point between the steel strip and the cable to maintain the stability of the cable in the winding process.

-------Belt tension: provide mortgage tension through mechanical friction, and the tension can be adjusted manually.

-------Belt breaking parking: it has advanced pulse belt breaking parking function. It can stop and brake in time when the strip is broken or used, and prompt in the man-machine interface.

------- Braking mode: the whole braking process is coordinated and controlled by PLC through motor frequency converter, air pressing system, braking resistance, etc. Ensure the synchronization with the whole machine.

------The winding speed and pitch are input through man-machine interface and controlled by PLC. The pitch of the tape is infinitely adjustable.

------ Shield: it is equipped with integrated safety shield and has the function of door opening and parking. There are working lights inside the shield and common buttons such as emergency stop, inching and brake release on the outside

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