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Cabling Machines

CLY1600/1+1+3 Cradle Laying-up Machines

1. Wire diameter: 10-50mm.

2. Cross-section: 30-300mm2.

3. Delivery time: 90 days.

4. Driving form: shaft driving

5. Payment: T/T

6. Warranty time: 12 months.

7. Power supplier: 380-460V 50-60Hz.

8. Pay-off bobbin size: 1600mm.

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CLY1600/1+1+3 Cradle Laying-up Machines / Core Laying-up Machines / Core Cabling Machines 

Wire Making Machines / Cable Stranding Machines / Cable Twist Machines

1.  Application:

This machine is mainly used for round or section stranding of 35-300mm2 3 to 5-core power cables.

4.9 Electrical control system

4.9.1 The power supply is three wire five phase system : 380V(±10%)50HZ。

4.9.2 Total installed power :65KW

4.9.3 The electric control part is composed of power cabinet and operation cabinet, and corresponding control buttons are set at the main operation position of the unit.

4.9.4 All kinds of control cabinets adopt imitation control cabinets with good mechanical performance and dust-proof design. The power cabinet and operation cabinet are equipped with special inlet and outlet air cooling design and appropriate vents.

4.9.5 Motor protection function: the electrical control circuit is designed with phase loss, overload and overheating protection functions to prevent motor damage

4.10 Mechanical transmission system

4.10.1. Main motor power : 45kW(AC)

4.10.2. The transmission system includes: main motor, reduction gearbox, transmission shaft, coupling, etc

4.11. Safety protection device:

4.11.1. Main engine: wall safety net

4.11.2. Other parts : Sheet metal protective cover

5.      Operating directon: Equipment operation direction: Right head machine, facing device operation,  left release line, right take-up line

6.      Color:

6.1 Rotating parts:RAL2009 outside orange

6.2 Main body of the equipment:RAL5015

6.3 Bottom frame parts:RAL9017 black

6.4 Other parts:RAL5017 outer blue / RAL9010 white / RAL9017black

1600mm cradle laying up machine from capstian

1600mm cradle laying up machine from capstian

2.  Main technical parameters


inter line dia

Φ10-Φ50 mm


Strand cage max rotation speed



Max lay-up diameter



Lay-up pitch



Non metal Taping head



Non metal Taping pitch



Metal taping head



Metal taping head pitch



Traction line max speed



Capstan force



Cage motor power



Pay-off bobbin size in cage



Central Pay-off bobbin size



Take-up bobbin size

PN1600- PN3150


Take-up motor power

5.5kw (AC)


Machine high


3.   Main Component


Φ1600 1+1 central pay-off rack

1 set


3 bobbin stranding cage

1 set


Double row die holder

1 set


Φ400 three head non metal taping machine

1 set


Φ400 three head steel tape armouring machine

1 set


Meter counter

1 set


Φ2500mm wheel capstan

1 set


Φ3150 end shaft take up and arrange line rack

1 set


Electronic control system

1 set


Transmission system

1 set


Safety protection device

1 set

Φ1600/3 bobbin stranding cage

4.2.1. Specification of pay off panel : PN1600

4.2.2. Winch speed range : 7.0-18.0r/min

4.2.3. Cable pitch range : 369-6646mm

4.2.4. structural style : Conical structure

4.2.5. Pre torsion form : Electric non-stop pre torque

4.2.6. Reel tightening control mode : Wireless remote control

4.2.7. Brake form :  Pneumatic butterfly

4.2.8. Structure composition: the main winch cage is a

 conical structure, which is suitable for cable core release,

and is not easy to bend and scratch the wire. It is composed of gearbox, main shaft, support disc, pay off frame, electric pre torsion device, anti torsion device, filling device, braking device, tug and base.

4.2.9. Operation mode: the twisted circular wire can be untwisted or the twisted sector wire can not be untwisted. The two operation modes are switched through the mechanical shift pin at the position of the main box, which is simple and convenient to operate.

4.2.10. Pre twisting form: the main stranding cage wire reel adopts electric non-stop pre twisting, which can adjust the pre twisting state of the wire core online and in real time through the console under the running state.

4.2.11. Tension structure: the tension of the reel in the pay off frame is the mechanical friction tension of the large-diameter friction disc, which provides tension through the mutual friction between the brake disc and the damping belt. The tension is manually adjusted to meet the tension range required for paying off in the process of cable forming.

4.2.12. The pay off reel frame is made of high-quality plates by welding, with high overall structural strength and thick appearance.

4.2.13. Hanging mode: the end shaft type electric clamping and loosening reel is adopted, and the double top pins are retracted at the same time to ensure that the reel is located in the middle of the paying off frame. The clamping device is equipped with mechanical over force protection and electronic detection in place protection. Wireless remote control is easy to operate.

4.2.14. Braking device: the main engine brake adopts large-diameter pneumatic butterfly brake disc with multiple groups of brakes. The braking is efficient and stable. The brake disc is separated from the support disc, which effectively solves the contradiction between braking and tugboat lubrication.

4.2.15. Tug group: the front and rear support plates of the main winch cage are supported by tugs respectively. The tugs are placed in the warehouse support seat and fixed through the underframe. The tug seat can be manually adjusted through the processing plane of the underframe through the screw rod. The tug is made of high molecular polymer, which can effectively control the operation noise, eliminate the low-frequency vibration in operation and improve the overall operation condition.

4.2.16. The front brake disc of the main engine is equipped with 12 groups of filling frames to meet the filling requirements in the cable forming process.

4.2.17. The main winch cage has 6-stage speed change, linkage with the main transmission ground shaft, and has left-right and neutral functions. The gear box of the main engine adopts hard tooth grinding gear, and the inside of the box is forced to supply oil and spray lubrication through the lubricating oil pum

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