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Spark Tester For cable manufacturing

Warranty time: 12 months.

Delivery time: 30 days.

Payment: 100% by T/T

Sea port: Ningbo

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Spark Tester For cable manufacturing.


DC wire spark machine is an ideal equipment for surface damage and spark detection of various cables with a diameter of less than 25mm. It adopts the internationally recommended DC high voltage form. It has advanced design, novel structure, stable output voltage, high detection sensitivity, good field adaptability, convenient use, flexible installation, safety and reliability. It can be used not only for on-line inspection of winch, extruder and other equipment, but also for intermediate inspection and ex factory inspection of products.



  • Model: ST-15A.
  • Maximum wire diameter: φ 1 ~φ20mm.
  • Maximum line speed: 300m / max.
  • Voltage test: 15kV / max.
  • electrode length: 280mm

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