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Bow Stranders

630/1+6 Skip Stranding Machines For ACSR Cable and Insulated Wire

  • Warranty time: 12 month.
  • Driving type: independent motor driving
  • Payment: 30% T/T, 70% before delivery.
  • Applicantion: ABC
  • Delivery: 90-120 days.
  • Packing: container.
  • Bearing; HRB,NSK,SKF
  • Motor: Siemens, WNM
  • Product Detail
  • Parameters
  • Components
  • Details

630/1+6 Skip Stranding Machines For ACSR Cable and Insulated Wire

1. Use:

This machine is mainly used to control the stranding of insulated wires such as cables, and has the functions of filling and taping. The appearance of the unit is planned and designed by professionals, breaking the conventional production process, with atmospheric appearance, stable high-speed operation and low noise. The whole machine is operated through the touch screen of human-machine interface and managed by PLC.

630/1+6 Skip Stranding Machines For ACSR Cable and Insulated Wire FROM CAPSTIAN

630/1+6 Skip Stranding Machines For ACSR Cable and Insulated Wire FROM CAPSTIAN TECH


Single wire diameter



Max through hole diameter



Max strand O.D



Max traction pitch



Max rotation speed



Taping machine rotation speed



Traction line speed



Traction wheel diameter

Ø1200mm(double wheel)


Bobbin size in cage



Take-up bobbin size



Main motor power



4 bobbin strand cage

1 set


Concentric taping machine

1 set


Assembling die holder,

1 set


Meter counter

1 set


Ø1200 double capstan

1 set


F1600 portal take-up and traverse frame

1 set


Mechanical transmission system

1 set


Electric control system

1 set


Pay-off bobbin size in cage



Strand cage max rotation speed



Loading bobbin from



Pay-off tension

Mechanical belt friction


Bow material

Special steel

4.1.6 cradle frame structure: the cradle adopts pneumatic center to tighten and loosen the reel, and has pneumatic locking device to prevent the reel from throwing out. The wire tray bracket at the bottom of the cradle is safe and convenient for loading and unloading the wire tray. After welding, the steel cradle frame is tempered as a whole to eliminate the stress, enhance the mechanical performance and do not deform. After finishing by the boring machine as a whole, the accuracy is effectively guaranteed.

4.17 tension form: pay off tension is provided by the friction between tension friction plate and tension belt, and the tension can be adjusted manually.

4.1.8routing mode: the wire in the stranding cage is routed through the outside of the stranding bow, and the guide roller group is set in the cradle. The wire is put into the stranding bow through the guide roller group, and the stranding bow is equipped with multiple groups of wire passing brackets. The wire passing bracket is made of aluminum alloy material, and the inner part of the bracket is inlaid with wear-resistant alloy wire passing die and wire stabilizing idler. The wire is directly put into the distributing tray through the wire passing bracket. The whole threading process is reasonably designed and the wiring is stable The wire is stable and not easy to scratch.

4.1.9 bearing and lubrication system: the winch cage bearing adopts the brand of "German SFAG", which is suitable for high-speed operation. The bearing seat is forced to supply oil for lubrication through the oil pump motor inside, and the lubricating oil cooling device is set outside, which has dual functions of lubrication and cooling to ensure stable operation

4.1.10 Winch: the winch is made of special steel, with high flexibility and strong bearing capacity. It is installed on the support of rhombic bow frame, and dynamic balance correction is performed after assembly. Each winch is equipped with butterfly pneumatic brake device.

4.1.11 supports: the supports at both ends of each section of the hinge cage are gray iron castings with EPC process, which can fully absorb vibration, reduce noise and have beautiful appearance.

4.1.12 driving mode: the power of the main engine relies on a through shaft to drive each section of the winch through the toothed belt, the torque is uniform, and the winch does not bear the torque, so as to fully avoid the cracking of the winch. Toothed belt transmission can effectively avoid loss of rotation.

4.1.13 base: the hinge cage is installed on the overall welding base. The base is formed by welding high-quality steel plate and rectangular pipe, and then processed by large gantry milling machine. It has high levelness and improves the operation stability.

4.1.14 filling frame: six groups of filling rope pay off frames are set at the front bracket of the winch cage, and the filling device rotates synchronously with the winch cage. Filling rope size: 160mm. (fill size to be provided by customer, diameter and length)

4.1.18 distribution board: the distribution board is connected with the main machine, with 12 holes evenly distributed, wear-resistant alloy wire sleeve embedded in the hole, and has the function of breaking and stopping with throwing block. After breaking, the whole machine will stop and brake automatically, and the breaking information will be displayed on the man-machine interface.

4.1.15 the protective cover adopts the closed sliding door structure, and the working light is set inside the cover, which has the function of door opening and parking, so as to improve the protection level. Emergency stop, inching and other buttons are set outside the shield for easy operation.

4.1.16 the host computer is operated by human interface touch screen and managed by PLC

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