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Cable Auxiliaries

400 Type Vertical Spool and Pad Head Mica Taping Machine

  • 2 and 3 taping head option
  • Automatic Tension Controller
  • Pay-Off and Take-Up
  • High speed
  • Mechanical, Manual and Automatic operating option
  • Head rotations: right-right, right-left, left-left, left-right
  • Can operate with Aluminum Foil, PET Film, Mica Tape
  • Product Detail

400 Type Vertical Spool and Pad Head Mica Taping Machine.

1. Use:

It is mainly used for auxiliary machinery of cable and wire manufacturing machinery. For example, the winding of non-woven fabric, aluminum foil, film and other materials of rigid strander and layig-up machine etc.

1.1 the wrapping head has two or three ends, which are driven by variable frequency motor, the storage reel is made of nylon and aluminum materials, the tension machinery is adjustable, and the pneumatic brake is safe and efficient.

1.2 wrapping strip: non-woven fabric, composite material, etc

1.3 wrapping bandwidth: 20mm-60mm

1.4 reel specification: φ four hundred ×φ fifty-two ×( 20-60)mm

1.5 wrapping speed: 420r / min

1.6 winding pitch: stepless adjustable

1.7 driving mode: variable frequency motor

1.8 motor power: 3kw (AC)

1.9 die size: φ 100mm

1.10 wrapped wire: optional

1.11 brake type: pneumatic butterfly

1.12 operation cabinet: optional

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