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Planetary Stranders

500/1+30 Planetary Type Steel Armored Cable Machine

Name:Cable Making Machine
Voltage: 3phase 380V 50HZ
Warranty: One Year
Function: Electric Wire Cable Manufacture
Motor Power:4.0KW AC
Reel Size:800mm-3150mm
Tension Form: Pneumatic
Delivery Time: 90 days.
Payment: T/T 30%
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500/1+30 Planetary Type Steel Armored Cable Machine / Planetary Strander / Planetary laying up machine 

Steel wire amouring machine

500/1+30 Planetary Type Steel Armored Cable Machine from capstian

1.     Use

This machine is mainly used for steel wire armouring of cables. Independent motor drive, no blind area within the adjustable distance. 

The whole machine adopts touch screen operation and PLC programmable controller for unified coordination and management. 

The electric control system is advanced and the operation condition is stable.

500/1+30 Planetary Type Steel Armored Cable Machine from capstian

500/1+30 Planetary Type Steel Armored Cable Machine

3.Packaging & Shipping
1) Transparent PE film + Wooden box
2) Cardboard wrapping corner to protection, wire rope in fixed to sea ship
3) 20 Feet container for complete production Line equipment

4.Our Services
Pre-sale Services:
1) Spot investigation and professional guiding suggestions;
2) Equipment configuration, model selection reference and technical consultation;
3) Onestop service for investment equipment,product developing, new materials researching and personnel training.

After-sale Services:
1) Regular maintenance and product tracking service;
2) Cost price for required parts in lifelong period;
3) Provide quality and efficient after-sale service life long time.

2.     Main technical parameter:


Max OD of center core



Wire diameter

Φ1.0-5.0mm Steel,

Φ1.8-5.0mm Al,


Rotation speed



Line speed



Armoring pitch

100-600mm(buyer provide)


Pay-off bobbin size in cage



Center Pay-off bobbin size



Take-up bobbin size



Capstan wheel dia.



Cage rotation motor power

55KW (AC motor)


Capstan motor power

30KW (AC motor)


Machine center high



Total power


3.     Main Component


Φ3150mm column pay-off rack

1 set


# type through wire frame

1 set


30-500 main cage

1 set


Assembling die holder

1 set


Post Straightener

1 set


Meter counter

1 set


Φ1600mm capstan

1 set


Φ3150mm column take-up and traverse line rack

1 set


Electrical control system

1 set


Safety fence

1 set

4.2.2. Applicable reel width : 375mm

4.2.3. Maximum passing diameter of central cable :Φ40mm

4.2.4. Diameter range of stranded monofilament :Φ1.0-5.0mm

4.2.5. Winch cage speed range : 50.0r/min

4.2.6. Tension form : Mechanical friction

4.2.7. Braking form : Plane air pressure braking

4.2.8. Drive motor power : 55kw(AC)

4.2.9. Operation support mode : Tugboat support

4.2.10. Broken line parking : Touch type

4.2.11. Stranding cage structure: the stranding cage is a one-stage design. The wire reel frame in the stranding cage is 5x6 layout, that is, the whole stranding cage is arranged in five gears, and the cradle is equally arranged in six gears around each gear. The main engine is composed of drive motor, gearbox, large-diameter hollow spindle, winch, wire reel frame, tugboat group, pneumatic brake device, etc.

4.2.12. The mechanism is equipped with a planetary gear structure with 100% torsion retraction and torsion retraction, and has the characteristics of direct torsion retraction and torsion retraction.

4.2.13. Setting out tension in cage: the setting out tension is provided by belt type mechanical friction, and the tension is manually adjustable.

4.2.14. Loading bobbin mode: the reel frame is an end shaft structure, which can manually tighten and loosen the reel. The reel is put into the reel rack through the lifting device in the workshop. The top of the reel rack adopts threaded structure. The screw sleeve is equipped with rolling bearing and mechanical locking mechanism. The upper and lower reels are convenient and fast.

4.2.15. Manufacturing process of wire reel frame: the wire reel frame adopts tailor welded structure and is made of high-quality plates. The internal stress is eliminated through overall annealing treatment. Finally, the production is completed through static balance test after overall finishing of the machine tool, with good overall rigidity, durability and no deformation.

4.2.16. Drive system: the main winch is driven by a 55kW AC motor. The gearbox drives the winch to operate. The gears inside the gearbox are carburized, and the gear grinding accuracy is grade 6. The inside of the box is forced to spray lubrication through the oil pump motor.

4.2.17. Tug group: the whole winch cage is connected by large-diameter pipes, and the support plate is supported by multiple groups of high molecular nylon tugs, with good overall rigidity and stable operation. The tug has good shock absorption and wear resistance.

4.2.18. Braking form: the main winch adopts plane air brake, and multiple groups of brakes act at the same time, with efficient and stable braking. The startup, operation, shutdown and other operations of the winch are completed by PLC controlling the frequency converter, air brake actuator and braking resistance, so as to ensure the synchronization between the winch and the operation of the whole unit.

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