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Wire Drawing Machines

450/13DL Aluminium Alloy RBD machine

1. Wire Spec:9.5mm to 1.8mm-4.5mm.

2. Die qty: 13

3. Adopt wire material: Aluminium alloy.

4. Warranty: 1 year.

5. Delivery time: 80 days.

6.Payment: 30% by T/T, 70% as balance before delivery.

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450/13DL Aluminium Alloy RBD Machine / Copper RBD Machine / Large Copper Rod Breakdown Machine

/ Alumunium Rod Breakdown Machine


450/13DL Aluminium alloy rod breakdown machine is used to draw single aluminium alloy wire

 from 9.5mm to 1.8mm-4.5mm.The capstans are arranged in a line that are able to work continuously 

with drawing speed. Electrical control can be matched with each other.

Compositions of equipment



1.Cantilever Pay-off shelf

1 set

2. 450/13DL Main drawing machine

1 set

3. 300 Tension controller

1 set

4. SX630 Double spoolers

1 set

5.Electrical cabinet

1 set

6.Operation panel

1 set

7.Gear Oil system (Pump+Cooler)

1 set

8. Wire pointing & threading machine (9.5mm-1.8mm)

1 set

9. Butt welding machine (9.5mm)

1 set

10.Spare parts

1 set

450/13DL Aluminium Alloy RBD Machine / Copper RBD Machine / Large Copper Rod Breakdown Machine

450/13DL Aluminium Alloy RBD Machine / Copper RBD Machine / Large Copper Rod Breakdown Machine

II.Cantilever Pay-off shelf

1.Guide roller type which is attached ground root.

2.This unit is composed of a stand and a guide roller.

3.It is adopted advanced structure which has a single pole with a rotation arm.

4.This pay-off stand can load 2 rod coils at the same time to pay off wires continuously.

5.Height of pay-off shelf 5000mm

6.The maximum diameter of inlet coil 2000mm

7.Guide wheel diameter 590mm

8.Quantity of guider 3 pieces

9.Straightening function for the inlet rod is available

10.Wire tangled alarming and stop line device

11.With ladder to climb up

III. 450/13DL Main drawing machine

1.Gearbox is casted by HT200 accurately as a whole piece. It has many excellent features, for instance higher rigidity, well sealing performance. Also it will not leak water and oil and can reduce vibration efficiently. The gearbox is treated with one-off orientational processing to make sure processing accuracy.

2.In the gear box, material of bevel gears is 20CrMnTi and it is treated with cemented quenching.

3.The surface of drawing capstan is in a double-cone shape to enhance its using life greatly.

4.The drawing box has double covers to seal. Covers are made of stainless steel. The inner cover has six parts and outer cover has four parts and can be open and closed by hand.

5.Machine has Five Foot switch plates.

6.The bearings are HRB, China best brand.

7.With Two motors, the machine has Quick Die Change system, save time for wire pointing and threading, also require less dies.

8.Final rotation die function is provided.

9.Fix speed capstan also has outside box and roll up door

10.Lubrication method Half immerse and Pipe spray

11.Copper rod inlet position has sensor to detect.

12.Gear transmission Helical gears

13.Main machine power transmission is connected directly to machine with Coupling

14.Fix speed motor power transmission is by Timing belt

15.With sensor to auto observe final drawing speed

16.With Rotary Encoder to observe speed(Auto observe one axis speed and auto calculate others)


9.5mm (Inlet wire straightening function is provided)


1.8mm-4.5mm(Final wire cleaning function is provided)

3.Diameter of capstans



1500m/min, capacity say 2.5mm, 1180kg per hour

5.Slip ratio

1.38-1.2 decrease

6.Quantity of capstan



Tungsten carbide (With wire threading function)

8.Quick dies change

Available / Require less dies

9.Main motor

DC315KW, with DC Controller

10.Fix speed motor

DC75KW, with DC Controller



12.Noises of machine

≤85 db

13.Protection cover

Motor transmission cover installed


Cooler for Gear oil is provided


All main pipes are provided

16.Others  Gear oil recycling complete system is provided, including: Pump, Gear oil tank, Pipes, Oil Pressure Gauge, Signal wire. When lack of oil, machine will auto stop.

17.Others  Cooler for Lubrication oil , no need. You need prepare one Underground Tank for Lubrication Oil recycle.

IV.Operation panel (English language)

1.PLC+Touching screen, Inovance

2.Buttons control (As back up)

3.With Alarm Light, Alarm Sound

4.All signal wires are provided and connected at one end, easy to connect with others


V.Electrical system

1.With Power Meter to auto record Power consumption.

2.All electric parts are top brands, easy to replace.

3.All signal wires are provided and connected at one end, easy to connect with others.

4.With LED lights and Switches, when open doors, will auto turn on.


VI. 300 Tension Controller


When start, stop, bobbin changing, use it as compensation of line speed micro changing


Tensile strength is adjusted by pneumatic

3.Air pressure

Adjustable within 0.3~0.6Mpa

4.Accumulating length

ITO standard: over 7 M

5.Guide roller material

AL and ceramic coating treatment

6.Auto adjust

By compressed air, auto tracking and adjusting wire tension


VII. SX630 Double spoolers

1.Applicable wire range 1.8mm-4.5mm

2.Motor AC30kw*2set, WanNan motor, with Inovance Inverter

3.Power transmission by triangle belt

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