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Rigid Stranders

630/12+18 Rigid Stranders With Independent Motor Driving

Power Supply: 380V,3 Phrase, 50Hz
Application: Stranding
Payment: T/T or L/C
Delivery Time: 50-120 Days
Warranty Time: 24 Months
Parts Brand: Siemens, WNM, HRB,NSK,etc
Supply capacity: 10 Set/Month
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630/12+18 Rigid Stranders With Independent Motor Driving.

1. Use:

This machine is mainly suitable for the production of large length bare aluminum, bare

copper wire, and steel core aluminum stranded wire. The equipment adopts double active

and double traction devices. The splitter wheel adopts natural branch line to avoid bobbin

rubbing during the stranding process. The pay-off wire tension is controlled by pneumatic

tension to ensure uniform tension when the reel is full and empty, and has a unique function

of completely broken automatic parking device. The disconnected parking is directly controlled

to each pay-off bobbin, when the wire is broken. The host automatically stops immediately when

bobbin stops. The whole machine is controlled by the programmable controller (PLC) and

man-machine operation interface (color touch screen). The electronic control system is advanced,

easy to operate and reliable.


Single wire diameter




Max stranding diameter



Strand cage rotation speed

12/18 bobbins for copper


12/18 bobbins for aluminum



Stranding pitch

12 bobbins


18 bobbins



Traction line speed



Pay-off bobbin size in frame

PND 630


Traction wheel size



Central pay-off size



Take-up bobbin size



Main motor power

12 bobbins


18 bobbins


Traction device



φ2000 Pay-off(portal type)

1 set


12. 18 bobbins strand cage

Each 1 set


12. 18 bobbin Concentrated loading device

Each 1 set


Assembling die holder



Mechanics electronic Meter counter

1 set


φ2000 traction device

1 set


φ2500 Portal type take-up device

1 set


Electric control cabinet and operating panel

1 set


Safty protection fence

1 set

4.2.1 Each of the lengths of the strands is equipped with an adjustable push button device. Each unit has positive, negative, idling and coordinated control by  PLC and touch screen.
4.2.2 Each of the winches is driven by a separate motor. The transmission provides power for the operation and slow positioning of the equipment. Each of the main engines is supported by a front and rear support with a aligning bearing to support the rotating cage, and the frame is twisted into a three-part structure. The tightening of the disc is achieved by the pneumatic tip, and the safety locking cylinder is used to lock the venting tip to improve the safety performance. At the same time, there is an electrical limit protection. Only when the locking cylinder reaches the locked state, the whole machine can be started.
4.2.3     The disconnected parking device adopts a non-contact probe and directly controls each reel. As long as one of the reels is disconnected or the wire in the reel is used, the signal can be immediately sent to stop the mainframe. Make sure the line is broken after the line is broken.
4.2.4 The brake device is applied to the plane brake by multiple sets of brakes, reducing the impact of the emergency stop inertia on the transmission member to ensure efficient braking.
4.2.5   The tension control of the reel adopts a pneumatic tension structure, and the pay-off tension is generated by the friction between the tension cylinder and the disc brake pad. The size of the tension is automatically controlled by the PLC from time to time to adjust the pressure of the proportional valve, and the automatic switching according to the length signal ensures that the tension of all the reels is uniform when the disc is full to empty.
4.2.6  The unit is controlled by the programmable controller (PLC) and human-machine interface (color touch screen), and has protection links such as overload automatic parking and emergency stop. It is safe and reliable.
4.3    Hydraulic automatic load and unload bobbin device.
4.3.1  Concentrating on the upper and lower discs, using hydraulic lifting trolleys to pass through hydraulic cylinders, through the linear slide rails, the entire process of turning over, walking, loading and lowering can be completed in sequence, which is convenient, reliable, fast and efficient.
4.3.2 The upper plate adopts a 45° upper plate structure on the side, and the trolley is parallel to the ground after the completion of the upper plate, reducing the floor space.
4.3.3 Adapt bobbin size:PND630
4.3.4 Load bobbin car drive form:Hydrau.

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