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Planetary Stranders

500/1+6+12 Planetary Closer With Automatic Tensile Control

Production Capacity: 50 Units/Year
Payment Terms:30% by T/T, 70% before delivery
Driven Type: gear
Warranty: 12 Months
Taping head: 2/3
Delivery time: 90-120 days.
Back-twist: 100%
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500/1+6+12 Planetary Closer With Automatic Tensile Control.


The planetary stranding machine is a cable and wire making machine used to strand steel, aluminum and copper wires into various cables and other products. This equipment is also used for cable forming of rubber sheathed cables, multi-strand cables and all sorts of communications cables, OPGW cables, etc.
Main Capability Features
1. The strander is capable of high speed operation with steady operating ability thanks to the structural rigidity.
2. All-gear back twisting is used to prevent damaging the wire and increase the reliability of the equipment.
3. The braking mode: pneumatic brake.


Single wire diameter

1.36~4.12 mm


Max stranding OD



Strand cage rotation speed



Capstan dia



Capstan line speed range

3.67~27.2 m/min


Strand wire pitch range



Pay-off bobbin size in cage


Central Pay-off bobbin



Take-up bobbin size



Main motor power



Take-up motor torque



Machine central height



PND500 fixed Pay-off frame

1 set


6.12 bobbin main strand cage

1 set


Assembling die holder

1 set


Front side straightener

1 set


Meter counter

1 set


φ1200 double traction device

1 set


Φ1250 end-shaft take-up and traverse frame

1 set


Electrical control system

1 set


Safety protection cover

1 set


Strand cage rotation speed range

88.4r /min


Strand pitch range

42~732 mm


Bobbin size in cage



Driving form

Ground shaft link


Tension form

Mechanical belt tension

4.2.6 The 6-disc and 12-disc winch adopts the ground shaft linkage design. The running speed of the whole machine is controlled by the frequency converter. The required pitch of the stranded wire is adjusted by the gearbox. The whole machine operates stably and has a wide range of pitch.

4.2.7 The winch cage is supported by the reducer box and the front support. The gearbox adopts 6-speed speed change, with forward, reverse and neutral positions. The inside of the box is forced to spray lubrication through the oil pump motor. The winch cage is supported on the reducer box and front support respectively by two sets of double row self-aligning roller bearings at the front and rear. The double row roller self-aligning bearings are used for the front and rear supports of the winch cage to ensure the bearing capacity of the axial movement of the winch cage. The cradle frame is arranged in six equal parts in each circle of the winch cage4.2.8 The main shaft of the winch cage is made of a whole thick wall pipe, and there is no joint in the through pipe; each winch of the winch is connected with the main shaft through the conical sleeve type flange lock sleeve, the winch is made of Q235 whole plate CNC cutting, and the cradle is arranged in 6 equal parts (6 discs: 6 equal parts, 12 plates: 6 + 6 equal parts); the axis lines of the wire reel frame are parallel to each other, and the planetary gear back twisting mechanism and wire reel are installed behind the winch The untwisting of the rack is connected with the untwisting gear through the spline untwisting shaft to realize 100% mechanical untwisting. Not easy to roll key, stable operation condition.

4.2.9 The cradle frame is made of steel plate by welding and bending process, with less welding position and large bearing capacity. After overall annealing, the cradle frame is boring and durable. The cable tray bracket is set to protect the wire materials in the wire panel.

4.2.10 Installation mode: end shaft type structure, manual end shaft type clamping wire reel, with mechanical locking mechanism, the wire coil is not easyto throw out, and it is convenient to load and unload the wire reel. The wire reel is loaded into the cradle with the help of lifting device in the workshop.

4.2.11 Pay off tension in the winch cage: the mechanical belt friction tension is adopted, and the tension control mode is: the tension is provided by the friction between the tension belt and the tension friction disc, and the tension is manually adjustable.

4.2.12 Braking form: Butterfly plane air brake is used for main winch cage brake to reduce the impact of emergency stop inertia on transmission parts. Multiple groups of brakes act at the same time, with high braking efficiency.

Each cradle in the winch cage is equipped with adjustable guide roller group, which is matched with the guide wheel and wear-resistant wire mouth in the winch cage, so that the outgoing line is more smooth and the wire is not easy to scratch.

4.2.13 The front-end distribution boards of the two main engines are respectively designed with "throw block" broken wire stop protection device

4.2.14 The front end of 6-disk mainframe is equipped with 6-head single wire pre deformation device. 12 head single wire pre deformation device is set at the front end of 12 disk host.

4.2.15 Pre deformation device: it is composed of three guide wheel groups evenly distributed on the disc, the spacing of three guide wheel groups is adjustable, and the prefabricated stranding pitch.

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