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Cable Auxiliaries

Mechanical Meter Counter For Cable manufacturing

  • Warranty time: 12 months.
  • Delivery time: 50-90 days.
  • Application: cable manufacturing.
  • Payment: T/T
  • Product Detail

Mechanical Meter Counter For Cable manufacturing.

1. Use:

It is mainly used for auxiliary machinery of cable and wire manufacturing machinery. It is used to calculate the cable length. It is equipped with a combination of mechanical and electronic, accurate and durable.


Meter counter wheel diameter



Max show length


4.6.3 structure and characteristics of meter counter: the wire is compressed by two half meter rollers horizontally placed on the linear track bearing through the spring, and the two rollers can move freely to adjust the wire size adaptively,. The inlet and outlet are provided with guide rollers.

4.6.4 it has the function of stopping in meters. It can input the required production length on the touch screen. After the production task is completed, the whole machine will stop by braking and prompt on the man-machine interface.

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