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C1860 Full Automatic Coiling and Packing Integrated Machine

  • Warranty time: 12 months.
  • Delivery time: 50-90 days.
  • Application: coiling and packing
  • Voltage:380V 50Hz
  • Payment: T/T
  • Product Detail
  • Parameters
  • Component
  • Feature

C1860 Full Automatic Coiling and Packing Integrated Machine.


Coiling and Wrapping of wire coils.

Auto-coiling wire from an extrusion line or from the pay-off machine.
Screen touch graphic operation terminal makes it easy to operate.
Servo motor traversing system produces coil with smooth surface.
The machine will automatically detect the fault and give alarm.
Can input and keep 99 types of coil data in the PLC memory.
It is not necessary to adjust any device when change coil size to another.

  • power supply: AC380V, three-phase, 50Hz, or designated by the customer.
  • ★ air source: compressed air pressure is 5-7kg/cm ³ ★ operation direction: right mobile phone (incoming from left hand), or specified by customer.
  • applicable line type: φ 3- φ 8mm wire (bv1.5-6) mm ², BVR2.5—10mm ²)。 ★ design speed of pan head: 900 RPM max( When the production line is 100m/ roll), the line speed is max200m/min when the storage line quantity of horizontal storage line rack is not less than 200m).
  •  coil size:
  • external diameter Φ 400mmmax x height 40-100mm;
  • The inner diameter of the coil is determined by the specification of the pan head, which is: φ 140-200mm (fixed size), one selected by the customer. Dimensions outside the scope shall be specially designed and the feasibility shall be determined by the company.
  • delivery mode of finished products: wire holding type.
  • ruler passing unit: the measuring unit is 0.01M, and the automatic deceleration is predicted and the automatic rolling process is reached.
  • line arrangement device: servo motor is used to line the line, which is synchronized with the main engine of the shaking disc.
  • electrical circuit control of the whole machine: Siemens programmable control (PLC) is adopted.
  • the operation panel adopts the platform man-machine interface.
  •  instruments and switches on the operation panel: touch screen, speed control button and emergency switch.
  • The speed can be adjusted on the touch screen or on the speed adjusting button.
  •  the PLC of this machine has power frequency spark machine contact: it is used for spark detection of BV line, and it can be stopped or continued to be turned after the automatic spark breakdown point.
  •  the PLC of the machine has the contact point of caliper: if the diameter is not up to standard, the waste line can be automatically eliminated or the manual marking can be continued to form a circle function

  • meter recording part ------------------- group 1
  •  feeding part ------ ----------------------group 1
  •  door cutter ------------------------------group 1
  •  pan head and winding disk ------ -----group I
  •  line arrangement mechanism ------ --group I

  •  wire holding mechanism ------ -------group I


4. details of mechanical composition:

  •  rice recording part: one meter wheel at the top and bottom, and the length of the line can be calculated by using the encoder, and it can be measured to the public score. Meter wheel is made of aluminum alloy, and the upper wheel is sprayed with ceramic hardening treatment, and the next wheel is covered with excellent force glue. The wire shall not be damaged and one-way bearing shall be installed to prevent cable from pulling backward.
  •  pan head: horizontal winding is automatically opened and closed by air pressure propeller. When the long winding of the set line is completed, the winding will stop automatically. The pan head will be retracted vertically and raised vertically, and the wire head will not stick to the coil, and it is easy to demould.
  •  line arrangement system: the system is completely controlled by computer, driven by servo motor, driven by ball guide screw, and received the signal of main horse transportation and rotation by precision decoder, so that the servo motor and main motor can run synchronously, the line arrangement action is more coordinated and winding is more beautiful.
  •  cutter: door cutter, when the set line is wound, it will automatically tangent. The double cutter is made of special steel sdk-11 and is vacuum heat treated, which makes the hardness higher and longer.
  •  arm holding transfer mechanism: after the winding of the cable is completed, the wire holding mechanism will hold the coil tightly, and automatically transfer it to the wrapping device for winding and packaging, so as to realize the automatic completion of the winding, label and coating process. When there is any waste line, it can be manually intervened to remove the waste line directly, and the machine can be packaged in circles.
  •  control panel: the man-machine interface control system is more convenient to operate by direct touch of screen.
  • The central computer control system can control the winding speed, winding length, warning system, line speed adjustment, indicator light, emergency stop and reset. Under the condition of operation, the data such as line length, line diameter and line speed can be changed to avoid inconvenience of stop adjustment. It can also be used for cutting line speed and length of sword on screen and operation of the whole machine.
  •  drive motor: winding system: 7.5HP x 4P AC motor + vector control inverter.
  • Line arrangement system: 400W servo motor + servo driver
  • Wire holding transfer: 400W motor + driver


5. performance of the coating machine in detail:

  •  mass of the packed coil: 35kg maximum.
  •  pvc/pe/pp adhesive film size: thickness 0.05mm-0.07mm x width 40mm-50mm.

  •  loading mode of rubber film coil: pneumatic clamping.
  • pvc/pe adhesive film is used to wrap the package in a high speed manner.
  • adopt the arm type of holding wire, driven by AC motor, and the rotating winding line is smooth and smooth.
  • adjust the size of the arm of the wire holding, and use the manual adjustment method, which is quick and convenient.

6. coating mechanical composition:


  •  C-ring:
  • C-ring is driven by time gauge belt and plastic steel gear, and C-ring is not slippery and the packing is stable and noise is small; The C-ring is made of special steel, the inner and outer rollers supporting the C-ring are covered with excellent force glue. The C-ring is not easy to wear, and the operation keeps the true circle for a long life, and the overload protection is added, and the motor is not easy to burn.
  •  cutter:
  • The air pressure cutter system is adopted. After the length of the packing material is taken out, it will be cut off automatically. The cutter body can be serrated or scissors (selected / replaced according to different packaging materials) with sharp cutting surface, and the cutting strip can be cut PVC, PP, PE adhesive film and other packaging materials.
  •  claw:
  • After the package is sent to the fixed point, it will automatically clamp and pull the belt automatically. After winding for 2 turns, the claw will automatically retreat. When the number of winding to the set number of initial rings (1-2 turns), the clamping claw will automatically put the belt, without any manual action, and it is safe.
  •  belt feeding device:
  • Pneumatic belt feeding device, lock free screw, fast belt change, more convenient to install.
  •  automatic label sending mechanism:
  • The whole stack label discharge type is adopted. Each package is in a line of volume, and it can automatically draw a label and send it into the package. It is not necessary to manually, convenient and safe, and save time and improve the output.
  •  drive motor:
  • C-ring: 1HP x4p AC motor( Rotating packaging)
  • Wire arm: 1HP x4pac motor +1/20 reducer.
  • After the coating is completed, the coil will be pushed into the chute and into the collection box automatically.

  • It can be supplied by the setting out machine or directly connected to the charging machine production line.
  • After winding, the arm is sent to the film winding machine to automatically pack and label the coil.
  • After automatic coating, it is automatically sent out from the pushing mechanism to the conveyor belt without manual operation.
  • This machine adopts servo motor line arrangement system, and the winding of the winding is beautiful.
  • The panel is operated by screen touch type man-machine interface, which is friendly and easy to operate.
  • Microcomputer memory can store 99 different coil specifications. When you need to change the product specifications, you can read the stored specifications and data, and you can produce them immediately without entering them again.
  • The secondary machine has the function of automatic detection of errors, and when there is a problem, an alarm will be sent to remind the operator

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