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Tubular Stranders

500/1+6 TubularType Steel Wire Rope Twisting Machine

Application: Twising steel wire rope.

Warranty Time: 1 Years.

Back-twist rate: 100%.

Delivery Time: 90-120 Days.

Payment term: 30% by TT, The balance before delivery.

PLC and Touch Screen: Siemens.

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500/1+6 TubularType Steel Wire Rope Twisting Machine.

1. Use

This machine is mainly used for stranding 7-core steel wire and strand rope. The appearance of the unit is planned and designed by professionals, with atmospheric appearance, stable high-speed operation and low noise. The whole machine adopts ground shaft linkage to adjust the pitch through a 36-stage gearbox, the stranded pitch output is stable and the adjustment range is wide. The whole machine is operated through the human interface color touch screen, and the PLC is unified and coordinated to manage the start, stop, electric and various operations of the whole machine. The electronic control system is advanced and the whole machine operates in a stable condition.


Single wire diameter



Max strand external diameter



Strand pitch range

39300mm customer provide


Cage max rotation speed



Traction line speed range



Capstan wheel diameter



Bobbin size in cage



Pay-off bobbin size



Take-up bobbin size



Main motor power



φ1250mm centralpay-off frame

1 set


6 bobbins strand cage

1 set


Assembling die holder

1 set


front side straightening device

1 set


Ø1000+Ø1000 doublecapstan

1 set


φ1600 shaftless type take-up and traverse frame

1 set


Meter counter

1 set


Transmission system

1 set


Electrical control system

1 set


Anchor bolts

1 set


Safety protection device

1 set


Adapt bobbin size



Cage max rotation speed



Adapt bobbin width



Bobbin clamping form

Pneumatic tightening


Tension form

Mechanical friction


Bearing mode

Large bearing support


End-shaft type of pay-off frame, frame body adopts high-quality plate numerical control cutting, integral bending process, few welding positions, clean appearance, high mechanical strength after high temperature annealing, and final integral boring processing, high precision and stable operation


The spool holder is pneumatically clamped and released, and has a pneumatic mechanical lock protection device. When the spool holder is supplied with air, the lock protection of the spool can be opened and the spool thimble device can be opened in sequence; After that, the tightening of the spool is completed in turn and the pneumatic locking protection device enters the locked state. The entire operation process is fast, efficient, safe and convenient. The cradle base adds a wire reel bracket


The pay-off in the spool frame uses mechanical friction to provide tension, and the tension is manually adjusted


The cradle is equipped with a "movable balance" device, which can effectively avoid uneven rewinding wires and prevent the phenomenon of heavy weight


At the exit of the pay-off end in each pay-off frame, a set of tic-tac-toe wire rollers is added, and a set of wire rollers is also added to the outside of the outlet shaft head, which is directly extended to the outer guide wheel group of the cylinder, effectively avoiding the core Scratch


The body rear end, middle and outlet end of the cylinder adopt bearing support. The large bearings in the middle and outlet end adopt new-style oil-air lubrication and labyrinth seal, which have good lubrication effect, short oil return distance, fast cooling speed, multiple functions, all The function is integrated into each bearing support separately, no need to set up a separate oil tank, the appearance is clean and easy to maintain


The large bearings at the middle and outlet ends have high-temperature overload shutdown protection and lubricant over-temperature alarm functions. After the alarm, the whole machine will automatically stop and brake, and display the alarm prompt on the man-machine interface


The cylindrical thick-walled steel pipe is made by the CNC intersecting wire cutting machine as a whole, then the large-scale annealing furnace is annealed to enhance the mechanical performance, and then the large-scale machine tool is integrally finished. The 6-disc cylinder body lifting is tested by a dynamic balancing machine. After the overall assembly is completed, the on-site automatic balancing instrument will measure the vibration value and dynamic balance value during operation to ensure the stability of operation


The main engine adopts butterfly, multi-group, pneumatic and caliper brake device, which is sensitive and reliable.


The host adopts the external wiring method, lengthened and thickened cylinder, super large wire hole, equipped with multiple well-type guide rollers and guide wheels, so that the wiring is smoother, no bends, no scratches, and no skipping


The rear support seat of the main engine, the middle and the large bearing seat of the outlet end are all made of gray iron cast material with lost foam process, which is not shaped, fully absorbs vibration, reduces noise, and has a beautiful appearance


The main engine adopts a new type of front drive, the cylinder does not bear torque, and the cylinder is fully prevented from cracking. Using large modulus toothed belt transmission, effectively avoiding loss of rotation


The monofilament pre-deformation device is composed of multiple sets of guide pulleys, including a positioning disk, two fixed guide pulleys, and a sliding guide pulley. The distance of each group of guide disks is adjusted according to the curvature of the wire core to realize the modification. , The whole set of device is installed on the main shaft extending from the twisting head, the structure is intuitive and easy to adjust


The cylinder body is installed on the integral welding base. The base is made with the help of a special platform, and then is finished by the gantry planer. It is easy to install and has a high level of level.


There is a touch-type broken wire parking protection device, which can stop and brake the whole machine in time when the wire is broken and the wire is finished.


The protective cover adopts a box-type closed safety cover with a two-stage design. Each section can electrically control the opening and closing of the protective cover. It has the function of automatic parking when the cover is opened. The exterior is equipped with an observation window; the interior of the protective cover is equipped with working lights. , Soundproof cotton is laid in the shield to effectively reduce noise

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