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Cabling Machines

1250/3+1 High Speed Cradle Laying-up Machines With Independent Motor

Cabling Machine  type  Cradle (LAYING UP MACHINE )  1250  ( 3+1 ) with taping machine .
For Cabling  low power cables  type SE, SER , URDT  ( aluminium )
Single core or  cable  diameter  min  6.0  to  25 mm or  6awg to 500kcmil
Diameter  max  of the assembled cable  :  60mm
Max load  take up 3 Tn
All communication holes between cages provided with ceramic horns to avoid scratching the veins

Voltage : 460V, Frequency : 60Hz.

Max Rotation Speed: 50m/min.

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1250/3+1 High Speed Cradle Laying-up Machines With Independent Motor.

1. Use

This machine is mainly used for round or section stranding of 3-core and 4-core power cables.

The equipment is composed of PLC program control + touch screen + frequency control + pneumatic control. The synchronous performance deviation of the equipment from start-up, normal operation, slow stop, emergency stop and other states shall not exceed 3%, so as to ensure stable stranding distance. The electric control system is advanced, easy to operate and reliable.

Φ Model 1250 three bobbin winch cage adopts double support structure of front and rear large bearings instead of traditional supporting wheel structure, which is more suitable for high-speed rotation and improves production efficiency.

The electric control system of the whole machine is advanced, the design structure is reasonable and beautiful, and the operation condition is stable.


inter line dia

φ6-φ30 mm


Strand cage max rotation speed



Max lay-up diameter



Lay-up pitch

700-2500mm (stepless adjustable)


Taping head



outlet line speed

16-269mm (stepless adjustable)


Traction line max speed



Capstan force



Main motor power



Pay-off frame in cage



Central Pay-off size



Take-up frame

PN1000- PN 2000


Take-up motor

5.5kw (AC)


Taping machine motor



Main cage motor power



1250 rotation central pay-off

1 set


3/1250 bobbin stranding cage

1 set


Double die holder

1 set


25KV spark test

1 set


φ600 Double taping head

1 set


meter counter

1 set


TQD1600 pneumatic caterpillar

1 set


Φ2000 portal take up and arrange line frame

1 set


Electronic control system

1 set


Safety protection device

1 set


Transmission system

1 set


3/1250 main stranding cage



Pitch range

700-2500mm (stepless adjustable)


Adapt bobbin size



Max load weight

3 T


Back twist

Planetary gear


Driving motor power


4.2.7 the stranding cage is operated through the touch screen of human-machine interface, and the start, stop, inching and other operations of the winch cage are coordinated and controlled by PLC to ensure the synchronization of each unit in any running state. The man-machine interface can input and display various data of the winch, such as speed, pitch, production speed, etc., which is easy to operate.

4.2.8 Φ 1250 / 3 bobbin stranding cage is composed of reducer box, large bearing seat, brake disc, wire disc rack, cradle support disc, etc. The winch cage is supported by reducer box and large bearing seat, and the cradle is arranged in three equal parts with conical structure design. The main shaft is a whole high-quality seamless steel pipe, and the support plate of reel frame is connected with the main shaft by a combination of flat key and expansion sleeve. The large pressure plate is welded and annealed. Driven by a single AC variable frequency motor, it has left and right stranding function. The planetary gear mechanism is used to realize 100% back twisting.

4.2.9 the whole machine is designed for high-speed operation, without tugboat bearing, and can be loaded and operated through the internal bearing of reducer box and large bearing seat. The inner part of the gearbox is lubricated by the spray of the oil pump motor; The large bearing seat adopts labyrinth seal structure, which circulates oil supply, lubrication and cooling through oil pump motor (patented design). Ensure the stability of high-speed operation.

4.2.10 planetary gear is adopted in the unwinding mechanism of the winch cage, which can bear large torque and operate stably.

4.2.11 the stranding cage is separately driven by 45KW AC motor with built-in encoder. The encoder runs in the closed-loop control system and is controlled by PLC and all units in a unified and coordinated way.

4.2.12 pay off tension: the reel frame provides the required tension for pay off through mechanical belt friction, and the tension is adjusted manually.

4.2.13 braking system: cage braking: the braking process is coordinated by PLC through the air brake, frequency converter and braking resistor. The whole braking process is synchronized with the whole machine to ensure the stability of pitch.

4.2.14 There are 12 sets of filling rope pay off frames at the outgoing end of 1250 / 3 stranding cage.

4.2.15 others: the stranding cage is equipped with various protections, such as fault alarm of driving motor, over temperature alarm of large bearing, insufficient oil supply alarm of circulating oil, etc. When there is a fault, the man-machine interface prompts to display the specific fault information, which is convenient for troubleshooting and maintenance. the back support of the pay off frame of the main winch cage adopts triangle structure, which is welded by steel plate and tempered. This structure can reduce the load of the components, not reduce the bearing strength, and avoid deformation and cracking over time. with the improvement of the overall structure, compared with the tugboat structure, the corresponding optimization has been made, which makes the cable travel more smoothly, the wire bending less, and the operation more convenient. the front support adopts large-scale bearing, which can effectively improve the running speed, avoid maintenance, reduce the failure rate and increase the bearing strength compared with the tugboat structure

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