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Planetary Stranders

OPWG Cable Twisting Machine

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OPWG Cable Twisting Machine

This series is primarily for stranded aluminum-clad steel cables,stainless steel optical fiber loose tubes,optical fiber composite overhead ground wires(POGW),stranded ACSR,stranded bare copper wires,and by this series,a variety of cables and optical cables can be armored or shielded with steel wire.
JLY-400/500/630/Cage stranding machine
cage stranding machine 6+12/400
Pay-off drum:400MM
Payoff form: No-spool
Brake: drum type
Monofilament diameter: 1.2-3.0 mm
Cabling diameter: 21mm
Stranding renovation speed: 20-100r/min
Cabling spacing: 33.4-700mm
Stranding inner drum diameter: 400MM
Motor power: 22kw
Way of traction: wheel
Guide sheave diameter: 1600MM
Guide sheave: single active
Out put speed: 4.65-28m/min
Gear box: 27 class
Take up drum diameter: PN800-1600mm
Way of take-up: spool type.

Overhead optical cable (OPGW OPPC ADSS) is suitable for Communication systems.

An optical ground wire (also known as an OPGW or, in the IEEE standard, an optical fiber composite overhead ground wire) is a type of cable in overhead power lines. Such cable (OPGW OPPC ADSS) combines the functions of grounding and communications.

Application: Communication system

Overhead optical cable Type:

OPGW (optical fiber composite overhead ground wire)
OPGW cables have the dual functions of ground wire with communication capabilities.
OPPC (optical fiber composite phase conductor)
OPPC cables have the dual functions performance functions of phase conductors with communication capabilities.
ADSS (all-dielectric self-supported cable)
ADSS cables are a kind of non-metal optical fiber cables suspended directly between two points without any supporting elements.

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