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Tubular Stranders

315/1+6 Tubular Type Steel Wire Rope Twist Machines

  • Place of Origin :China
  • Payment Terms :L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T
  • Supply Ability : 10 Sets per month
  • Delivery Time : 3 months after receipt of down payment
  • Packaging Details : To be packed in containers directly without packing and be fixed by steel rope.
  • Suitable for long distance sea-transportation
  • Usage : Stranding
  • Product Detail
  • Main Components
  • Technical Parameter
  • Details

315/1+6 Tubular Type Steel Wire Rope Twist Machines / Tubular Closer /

Tubular Stranding Machine /Tubular Strander Line / Tube Type Twisting Machine

/ Steel Wire Twist Machine.


This machine is mainly used for the stranding of 7-core steel wire. The appearance of the machine is

designed by professionals,breaking the conventional production process,

with atmospheric appearance, stable high-speed operation and low noise.

The whole machine is driven by independent motor and operated by man-machine interface color touch screen.

PLC is used to coordinate and manage the start, inching and normal stop of the unit to ensure synchronous performance.

The unit operates stably and the electric control system is advanced.

2.Main parts brand

Bearing brand


Cage tube body bearing adopts

(Luoyang Huigong)

Main motor




Electricalappliance brand


Touch screen




Take-up motor


Servo motor

(Jiangsu Zhima)

315/1+6 Tubular Type Steel Wire Rope Twist Machines from capstian

315/1+6 Tubular Type Steel Wire Rope Twist Machines from capstian tech

Single wire diameter


Max strand diameter


Max through wire hole diameter

φ10mm (alloy nozzle inside, polishing)

Strand pitch range

20-100mm (stepless electronic control)

Cage max rotation speed


capstan line speed range

70m / min (stepless electronic control)

capstan wheel diameter

φ600+φ600mm(horizontal two wheel double drive)

Capstan wheel material

GCr15SiMn (insert ring technology)

Loading bobbin way in cage

End shaft type, electric clamping

Bobbin tension form

Hysteresis tension

Bobbin size in cage

φ315 (buyer's standard of drawing

Core wire Pay-off bobbin

φ500-1250 (buyer's standard of drawing)

Take-up bobbin size

φ500-1250 (buyer's standard of drawing)

Main motor power


Take-up motor


Capstan motor power

15kw (servo motor)

Main cage cover

Full cover Electric, sectional opening, silencing, airtight

Capstan cover

Side-by-side door type

φ500-1250 fixed core wire Central pay-off frame

1 set

6 bobbins strand cage

1 set

die holder

1 set

rear straightener

1 set

Meter counter

1 set(integrated capstan device)

φ600+φ600 double capstan device

1 set

φ500-1250 take-up and traverse frame

1 set

Electrical control system

1 set

Safety protecting system

1 set


Adapt bobbin size

Ø315mm (buyer's standard of drawing)


Cage max rotation speed



Main motor power

30kw (AC variable frequency motor)

4.1.4Tension form and hysteresis tension

4.1.5 loading mode end shaft type, electric tightening

4.1.6 disconnection protection touch type

4.1.7 braking form air pressure braking

4.1.8 Threading mode: External routing

4.1.9 drive mode independent motor drive

4.1.10 installation mode: "end shaft type electric clamping, mechanical locking, back stop" is safe and stable, and it is not easy to throw out. It is convenient to load and unload the coil, and the coil is loaded into the cradle with the help of the crane in the workshop.

4.1.11 production process of pay off frame: "steel welding", with large bearing capacity, boring after overall annealing, high precision and durability.

4.1.12 setting out tension: the "hysteresis tension" is used to provide the tension required for setting out. The tension is 1kg-8kg. The machine is shut down in the cradle for adjustment. The manual operation surface is installed with digital adjustment, which is convenient for micro adjustment and even tension output, and is not easy to fail.

4.1.13 broken wire protection: double protection functions of "ring touch type" and "bottom bar touch type" broken wire parking are respectively added at the outlet end of the main engine and under the side of the cylinder, which is convenient for automatic parking after broken wire and finished wire.

4.1.14 cylinder structure: the cylinder adopts 3 + 3 two-stage, whole pipe bearing structure, double row roller self-aligning bearing support is adopted in the support frame of pay off inlet end, and a set of thrust bearing is added to ensure the bearing capacity of axial movement of the cylinder; two groups of large bearing support are adopted in the middle and outlet end, with flange butt joint, which is convenient for maintenance and disassembly.

4.1.15 manufacturing process of cylinder: the cylinder is made of thick wall steel pipe, the internal stress shall be eliminated before processing, and the dynamic balance shall be corrected after processing, and the opening deviation of each cylinder must be 2mm in the same axis and circumferential direction. The maintenance and inspection holes for the electric slip ring are reserved between the flange plates of the two holes of the cylinder, which is convenient for maintenance and does not affect the bearing strength.

4.1.16 large bearing lubrication system (patent): large bearing adopts new oil air lubrication; single oil pump motor oil supply, thin oil lubrication, labyrinth seal, with dual functions of lubrication and cooling, bearing seat cavity oil storage, no need to set a single oil tank, small floor area, clean working condition.

4.1.17 supporting seat: the rear supporting seat, middle bearing seat and outlet bearing seat of the main engine are gray iron castings with EPC process, which can fully absorb vibration, reduce noise and have beautiful appearance.

4.1.18 braking form: plane air compressor braking device is adopted; unified coordination by PLC: variable frequency motor controller, braking resistor, air compressor, etc. jointly complete the slow stop, fast stop, emergency stop and other operations of the whole machine. Ensure the synchronization of the whole machine.

4.1.19 base: "high strength, steel plate welding" base, the base is made with the help of a special platform, after high temperature annealing, and then one-time finishing by large gantry milling machine, with high mechanical strength, convenient installation and high concentricity.

4.1.20 threading mode: the main machine adopts the "external wiring" mode, lengthening and thickening the cylinder, 15mm core wire through hole, 10mm leather wire through hole, and many alloy nozzles or guide wheels to make the wiring more smooth, without bending, scratching and job hopping.

4.1.21 monitoring and protection: the main engine is equipped with protection functions such as large bearing high temperature monitoring, lubricating oil flow monitoring, etc., which can automatically stop the machine in case of overrun operation, and prompt in the man-machine interface, so as to avoid damaging other hardware in bad state operation and get timely maintenance.

4.1.22 installation mode: the unit adopts "surface installation" mode, without foot bolt or other bolt type fixation, and adopts special damping pad iron for support and adjustment.

4.1.23 safety protective cover (patent): the protective cover adopts electric up turning, sectional opening and fully closed structure, with built-in sound-absorbing board partition layer, fully absorbing noise, built-in lighting, with cover opening and parking function, which improves the protection level.

4.1.24 a 6-hole reel is provided for the position of the wire collecting tube of the winch, which can be moved back and forth to adapt to different wire stranding angles, and other users are equipped by themselves

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