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Rigid Stranders

500/6+12 Rigid Frame Strander For Copper and Aluminum Conductor

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500/6+12 Rigid Frame Strander For Copper and Aluminum Conductor.


The machine is suitable for stranding long length and section bare, aluminum alloy, aluminum cable steel reinforcing wires to product the following power cables. Sector shapped conductors,round compacted ,single core prespiralled.

Main feature:
1.Reels are arranged quartering around the cages. The centralized side loading system can increase efficiency much more,the equipment has high-powered, high speed.
2.It is driven by 36-stage gear-box,the tow wheels of double wheel capstan are overhung position supported on shafts. One wheel is straight and the other is inclined position arranged to ensure good care of the material to be pulled out. The maximum pulling force reaches 15T . each reel is equipped with an advanced broken wire detector, allowing to stop the machine automatically in case of broken wire.

layout of 500 6+12 rigid stranding machine from capstian


Strand Single wire diameter

Copper φ1.55.0m



Max strand O/D



Strand cage rotation speed

6 bobbins


12 bobbins



Strand pitch

6 bobbins


12 bobbins



Traction line speed



Pay-off bobbin size in frame

PND 500


Traction wheel size



Central pay-off size



Take-up bobbin size



Main motor power



φ500-630 centre Pay-off

1 set


6. 12 bobbins strand cage

Each 1 set


Assembling wire compacting unit

2 set


Meter counter

1 set


φ1600 double traction device

1 set


φ2000 end-shaft take-up and traverse device

1 set


Electric control system

1 set


Transmission system

1 set


Safety protection fence

1 set


Anchor bolt

1 set


Adapt bobbin size



Adapt bobbin size



Rotation speed change

6 grade


Break line stop

Full automatic vector pulse type

4.2.9. Structural form: the main engine part adopts 6 + 12 two section winch cage layout, and each section of the winch cage is of 4 equal structure. The winch cage is carried by two large double row roller bearings at the front and rear, and is supported by the gearbox and front support. The winch body is composed of the winch cage, gearbox, front support, brake system, base, etc. The whole machine is driven by 45KW variable frequency motor.

4.2.10. loading bobbin mode: the tightening and loosening process of the coil is completed by the worm gear clamping structure driven by the electric wrench, and the turbine box has the automatic locking function, which is convenient, fast and safe to operate; the turbine is supported by the bearing, which is accurate in positioning, not easy to wear and avoid jamming. The coil is installed into the winch cage by the lifting device in the workshop.

4.2.11. Structural features of gearbox and front support: the internal gear of gearbox is made of 20CrMnTi material, carburized, and the grinding accuracy is grade 6. The 6-stage speed change of the box has positive, negative and neutral gears, and the interior of the box is sprayed and lubricated by an independent oil pump motor. The front support is made of gray cast iron made of lost foam casting technology. It is cast in one piece and processed as a whole. It has beautiful appearance and high strength.

4.2.12. Structural characteristics of the cage: the frame adopts CNC laser cutting and blanking of plate, and large-scale bending machine is used for bending. This process can minimize the welding seam and improve the overall structural strength. After the overall assembly welding, the high-temperature annealing treatment can eliminate the internal stress, and then it is processed by the large-scale machine tool to ensure the concentricity, stable operation, high mechanical strength and no deformation for a long time.

4.2.13. Bottom construction: the base is assembled and welded with high-quality plate and rectangular square tube, with beautiful appearance and high structure strength.

4.2.14. Braking system: each section of main engine is equipped with multiple groups of plane air compressors. When parking, the driving motor stops working, and all brakes act at the same time. The whole braking process is efficient and stable.

4.2.15. Line breaking and stopping: equipped with advanced full-automatic vector pulse line breaking stop protection system, the system can stop and brake in time when the wire in the coil is used or broken.

4.2.16. Pay off tension: the tension is provided by mechanical friction, and the tension is manually adjusted. The tension output is uniform.

4.2.17. The front end of each section of main engine is equipped with single line pre-former device. Prefabricated stranding pitch to improve the quality of finished wire rod.

4.2.18. The front end of each section of the winch cage is equipped with emergency stop and inching buttons, and the 220 V power supply is fast inserted, which is convenient for operation and use.

4.2.19. Wear resistant alloy wire nozzles or wire rollers are set at all wire holes and easy to scratch wire positions.

4.2.20. Safety shield: U-type push-pull safety protection net is adopted.

4.3. assembling die holder

4.3.1. Each section of stranding cage is equipped with a combined line die base and a group of rolling die base. The die base can be used to form cable by drawing or pressing at one time.

4.3.2. connecting die base and the rolling mould holder are installed on the same base, and the wire clamping die base can adjust the distance before and after the cable's advancing line direction.

4.3.3. 6 winch cage is equipped with single combination line device winch cage with line pressing device

4.3.5. The inner cavity size of the thread closing die base is 90x90mm

4.3.6. The adjustable distance of closing die seat is 300 mm

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