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DM3020 Diameter Tester Machine For Cable Manufacturing

  • Product Detail

DM3020 Diameter Tester Machine For Cable Manufacturing.

1. Instruction:

3020 series outer diameter measurement and control instrument adopts new devices and technologies such as high-speed pulse infrared light source, high-precision CCD of American eg & reicon company and computer digital image processing technology. It has the characteristics of high precision, good stability, long service life, high scanning rate and good dynamic performance. The integrated structure of measurement, display and control is adopted, which is very convenient for installation and use.

2.Product features
● non contact optical measurement
● ultra high speed photoelectric scanning
● laser or high-power infrared light source
● computer image processing technology
● full automatic closed-loop control technology
● high precision, high performance and easy maintenance

3. Installation position;
The outer diameter measurement and control instrument can be installed either before or after the cooling water tank. When it is installed in front of the water tank, since the measuring head is close to the extruder and the feedback control is timely, the best control effect can be obtained, but the plastic has not been cured, the set nominal value should be corrected appropriately. When installed behind the water tank, the actual value of the cable outer diameter is measured, which is more accurate and reliable, but the control lag is large and the control effect is slightly poor. In addition, it should be noted that the measured cable should be blown dry, otherwise the water film outside the cable will affect the measurement accuracy. In actual use, the nominal value should be appropriately increased according to the degree of water carried by the measured object.


  • Model: ddm3020 automatic tracking feedback control type.
  • Wire diameter test range:φ0.2 ~25mm.
  • controller: embedded type (fixed in the main electrical control box).
  • With independent detector holder.
  • Characteristics: with automatic feedback function, remote display

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