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1250mm-2500mm Fork Type Rotation Pay-off Frame For Drum Type Laying-up Machines

  • Warranty time: 12 months.
  • Delivery time: 50-90 days.
  • Application: pay-off for drum twister
  • Voltage:380V 50Hz
  • Payment: T/T
  • Product Detail

1250mm-2500mm Fork Type Rotation Pay-off Frame For Drum Type Laying-up Machines.

1. Use:

It is use for drum twister, auxiliary machinery for cable and wire manufacturing equipment is mainly used for setting out of drum twister cable laying-up machine. It adopts hydraulic structure, with fast rotation speed and stability.


Max rotation speed



Max load weight



bobbin size range



Structure form

Fork cantilever structure


Loading bobbin way

End shaft type


Motor power



Pay-off tension



Mechanical braking form

Air pressure brake

----loading way: end shaft hanging structure is adopted, and two 0.55kw motors drive the turbine box to tighten and loosen the coil. It has mechanical locking function to prevent the coil from being thrown out, and the coil loading and unloading is completed with the assistance of the hoisting machinery in the demander's yard.

-----Tension form: the pay off tension is obtained by the friction between the tension friction plate and the air compressor tensor, and the tension is adjusted by the pneumatic pressure regulating device, which can be adjusted without stopping.

------Braking system: the whole braking process is completed by motor frequency converter, air pressing system and braking resistance through the overall coordinated control of PLC, with high synchronization performance and high braking efficiency.

-----The fork type pay off is equipped with independent operation control cabinet, which can carry out forward rotation, reverse rotation, inching, emergency stop, tightening and loosening of coil, etc. The whole operation of pay off is operated by touch screen and controlled by PLC. It can run synchronously with the winch head or not.

----- Each rotary differential pay off is equipped with a group of # type line crossing support

Fork Type Rotation Pay-off Frame For <a href= target='_blank'>Drum Type Laying-up Machines</a>.

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