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Planetary Stranders

400/24 Planetary Stranding and Armouing Line Machines

  • Model number:JLY400/24
  • Payment : 30% by T/T, 70% before delivery
  • Minimum order Quantity:1 set
  • Packaging details: Safe packing in the container
  • Delivery time: 90-120 days
  • Delivery time:T/T, L/C
  • Warranty time: 12 months
  • Back-twist: 100%
  • Product Detail
  • Parameters
  • Components
  • Details

400/24 Planetary Stranding and Armouing Line Machines.


This machine can be used for stranded steel wire, bare copper, bare aluminum or multi-core insulated wire. It can also be used for steel wire armouring


Two kinds of wire armoring machines, one planetary & sun type structure and the other rigid type armoring machine. But the planetary & sun type wire armoring machine with cradle locking unit and back-twist unit, which will meet the steel wire armoring with back-twist and also the steel strips armoring.

400/24 Planetary Stranding and Armouing Line Machines.


Single wire diameter

0.8~1.2 mm


Strand cage rotation speed

70r /min


Finished wire diameter



Strand wire pitch range



Traction wheel diameter



pay-off bobbin size in cage



Center pay-off size



Take-up bobbin size



Main motor power



φ1800 active center Pay-off frame

1 set


24B main strand cage

1 set


Horizontal mechanical meter counter

1 set


Doublewheel traction machine

1 set


φ2000take-up and traverse frame

1 set


transmission system

1 set


Electrical control system

1 set


Pay-off bobbin size



Adapt bobbin size


4.2.1 The main winch gearbox is level 6, with left-right and neutral functions; the gear pump is forced to supply oil for lubrication, and the gear in the gearbox is hard tooth surface grinding gear.

4.2.2 The stranding cage is composed of hollow shaft, winch, wire rack and wire divider. The axis line of the wire rack and the axis line of the main shaft are parallel to each other. A planetary gear untwisting mechanism is installed behind the winch to realize untwisting. The untwisting of the wire tray is connected with the untwisting gear through the spline untwisting shaft.

4.2.3 The tension belt is used to adjust the tension of the wire coil frame in the cage, which can keep the tension of the core wire on each cradle stable and balanced; the structure provides tension for the friction between the nylon or cowhide tension belt and the tension.

4.2.4 Installation mode: end shaft structure, manual tightening of wire reel, with mechanical locking mechanism; installed into wire reel frame with the help of workshop lifting equipment.

4.2.5 Each winch is connected with the main shaft through the flange, with good overall rigidity, high coaxiality of the winch and balanced operation of the winch.

4.2.6 Wear resistant alloy nozzle is inlaid in each wire passing hole, with multiple guide wheels, to ensure smooth outgoing line and avoid scratches.

4.2.7 Adopt pneumatic butterfly brake device, equipped with multiple sets of brakes to ensure multi-point synchronization and fast braking.

4.3 Preformer device.

4.3.1A single wirePreformerdevice is added at the front end of the main winch. ThePreformerdevice is composed of three groups of disc splitters placed on the branching column, which are perpendicular to the direction of the cable travel line. Each group of disc is equipped with 24 groups of guide wheels, and the combination of three groups of splitters completes the process of wire pre twisted distance.

4.3.2The distance between each group of wire dividers of thePreformeris adjustable.

4.3.3The distance from the 24 guide wheels in the verticalPreformerof the deformer's

4.3.4Guide wheel material bearing steel..

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