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Cable Extrusion Line

SJ70+35 Cable Extruder with Double Color and Automatic Coiling and Packing Machine

  • Name: 70+35 double color cable extruder machine
  • Application: Cable insulated layer.
  • Voltage: 110V/230V/240V/380V (50/60Hz)
  • Designed speed: 300m/min
  • Central height of equipment: 1000mm
  • Rotating speed of screw::90r/m
  • Warranty time: 1 year.
  • Delivery time: 50-70 days
  • All driving motor(AC) : SIMENS
  • Inverter: SIMENS.
  • PLC & HMI(PLC and touch-screen ):&
  • Product Detail
  • Parameters
  • Components
  • Details

SJ70+35 Cable Extruder with Double Color and Automatic Coiling and Packing Machine.

1. Use:

This unit is suitable for covering the sheath of the wires and cables by hot extrusion method for thermoplastic cables such as PVC, PE, XLPE, low smoke and halogen-free.  high speed extrusion line, and it makes PVC compound for insulating wire or sheathing cable ,single layer with color-stripping wire , double layer cable (As power wire, building cable,  communication connecting cable, parts of data cable, USB sheathing cable, electron circuit cable etc).

70+35 cavke extruder from capstian


Use regional power



Operation direction

Right head machine (entered from the left hand direction) to be determined


Extruder material

PVC, PE, low smoke and halogen-free, etc


Finished out dia.



Production line mechanical design line speed

300M/min Max


Actual line speed

Depending on the thickness of the sheath


Production line height (head center)



Power demand of this production line

Each set 68KW


Machine color

Customer requirement


630 passive pay off machine

1 set


Vertical tension frame

1 set


Input line adjust straight device

1 set


SJ-70×25 extruder host

1 set


SJ-35×20 doublecolorinjection extruder

1 set


U14 free adjust core machine head

1 set


Automatichopper anddryer

1 set


Main electrical control ∕ operation box

1 set


outer diameter tester

1 set


Front moving water tank (1.5m)

1 set


12M main cooling sink

1 set


High speed ink printer

1 set


15kv power frequency spark tester

1 set


blowwater machine

1 set


12m winding type overhead line storage device

1 set


φ500mm double wheelcapstan

1 set


PN630 double reel take-up andarrange linemachine

1 set


automatic coilingand packingmachine

1 set

---Power supply: three phase five wire system, 380V (± 10%), 50Hz

----The operating system of the whole machine is controlled by SIEMENS PLC modularization, which can be controlled by single action or linkage speed regulation. And through the SIEMES touch screen visualization operation

-----The communication control between PLC and frequency converter is adopted, which has higher precision and faster response than analog speed control. Meanwhile, PLC is equipped with Ethernet interface, so users can monitor remotely.

-----The whole machine is a dual control system: analog speed regulation and manual self reset knob speed regulation are set on the touch screen, and the parameters can be set and adjusted freely through the touch screen or self reset knob speed regulation.

----The main machine and traction motor of the extruder are AC motors of Siemens brand, controlled by Siemens frequency conversion speed regulation system, and the latest generation of intelligent electronic display calculus temperature controller is selected as the temperature control instrument, with the temperature control accuracy of ± 2 ℃.

----The panel is equipped with all kinds of instruments, indicators, switches and other necessary components, and all kinds of overload, overheating, overcurrent protection functions are complete,

-----The low-voltage components of the whole machine are made of domestic top brands Schneider or Chint, which have the advantages of stable starting, running and stopping of the production line, energy saving and consumption reduction.

----The control box is made of high-quality anodized aluminum profiles and aluminum die-casting corner parts, with simple and stable appearance and easy operation. The main control box is equipped with dust-proof filter device to prevent dust from affecting the service life of electrical components in the cabinet.

-- All driving motor(AC) : SIMENS
---Inverter: SIMENS.
---PLC & HMI(PLC and touch-screen ): SIMENS.
--- All switch: SIMENS or SCHNEIDER
----All contactor: SIMENS or  SCHNEIDER
---All temperature controller: RKC

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