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DIA.3/8‘’ 7/19 Stainless T-316 twisting process

DIA.3/8‘’ 7/19 Stainless T-316 twisting process.

1. Wire specification:


Dia .












Stainless  T-316



2. Machines for this wire rope:

(1).Tubular type twist rope machine 250/1+6.

(2).Tubular type twist rope machine 250/1+12.

(3).Tubular type twist rope machine 500/1+6.

Tubular type twist rope machine 250/1+6 from capstian tech

3.Equipment installation preparation materials:

3.1. Wires and cables: the wires and cables inside the equipment are installed in the production process of the supplier's factory. The demander only needs to prepare the connecting wires between various parts of the equipment. The supplier shall provide the circuit wiring diagram, which may exceed the length of the wiring diagram according to the on-site wiring situation, and more shall be prepared in principle.

3.2. Installation tools: generally include various wrenches, measuring tools, level rulers, hoisting tools, wiring tools and other common tools, which shall be provided by the demander.

3.3. Lubricating oil: lubricating oil shall be added to the gearbox and large bearing lubrication system of each unit of the equipment before startup. The demander can select the appropriate lubricating oil label according to the nameplate content of each position. The demander can prepare the goods in advance according to the estimated usage and lubricating oil grade provided by the supplier.

3.4. Sizing block: it is used for equipment installation and adjustment, and more shall be prepared in principle according to the site conditions

3.5. High pressure air hose: it is used for the braking of equipment and the working purpose of some pneumatic components. The supplier shall provide the air circuit wiring diagram and give the estimated usage. According to the on-site wiring situation, it may exceed the length of the wiring diagram. In principle, more equipment shall be prepared.

3.6. Power supply: the demander needs to lead the power supply into the equipment power interface.

3.7. Air source: the demander needs to introduce the high-pressure air source into the equipment air source interface.

3.8. Wire rod for commissioning: the Demander shall prepare wire rod for production before equipment commissioning and operation. As for the wire rod usage during commissioning, take jgg-500 / 1 + 6 tubular machine as an example: generally, the commissioning can be completed by preparing 7 full coils of wire rod of 500 type wire coil, and the demander can increase or decrease according to the acceptance standard. In principle, the commissioning shall be completed after 1 hour of normal operation.

3.9. Others: according to the actual situation of the factory area, the demander may use tools such as electric welding and gas cutting, which shall be fully considered by the demander

4.About equipment foundation

4.1. Jgg-250 series

4.1.1. Installation mode: this series adopts surface installation mode, that is, each unit of the equipment can be installed on a flat concrete ground without foundation excavation.

4.1.2. Requirements for concrete floor: the thickness of concrete floor in the factory shall be greater than 30cm, and the foundation shall be compacted. The floor shall be flat without pouring defects. If conditions permit, reinforcement can be added appropriately. Some factories are located in sandy soil or relatively loose soil. Reinforcement shall also be added, and the ground thickness shall be increased if necessary.

4.2. Jgg-500 series

4.2.1. Installation method: this series adopts reinforced concrete structure foundation, which needs to be opened, equipment installation shall be carried out after the foundation is completed, and capital construction shall be completed after secondary pouring.

4.2.2. Requirements for reinforced concrete foundation: the supplier shall provide equipment foundation drawings, and the Demander shall construct the foundation according to the drawings.

5. Dispatch of technical personnel

5.1. Installation and commissioning personnel

5.1.1. Technicians: our company will dispatch skilled technicians to the site for installation and commissioning according to the needs of the demander, and ensure that the dispatched technicians have more than 5 years of installation and commissioning experience.

5.1.2. The demander cooperates with the staff: generally, 2-4 people can complete the corresponding work according to the site conditions.

5.1.3. During the working period of the supplier's technicians: they shall complete installation, commissioning, operation, on-site performance test, etc. All work shall comply with technical requirements and relevant specifications and standards.

5.2. The Demander shall be responsible for the part of the dispatched personnel during their stay in Korea

5.2.1. The Demander shall be responsible for the expenses arising from the accommodation, translation and transportation of the supplier's technical personnel while abroad, and ensure the personal safety of the supplier's technical personnel.

5.2.2. The Demander shall pay the labor cost of the supplier's technical personnel during going abroad, US $100 / day / person.

5.2.3. The Demander shall ensure the unrestricted safety and freedom of technicians during installation.

5.2.4. In case of emergency in the buyer's factory, such as accidents, injuries and man-made non safety events, the buyer is obliged to undertake all arrangements for technicians, such as first aid, and timely notify the seller's emergency contact.

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