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4 Core 185 Sqmm SWA Armoured Power Cable Manufacturing Process

4 Core 185 Sqmm SWA Armoured Power Cable and XLPE Insulation Aerial Bundled Cable Manufacturing Process.

1. What structure of XLPE Insulation Aerial Bundled Cable?

The aerial Bundled cables designed for overhead distribution lines have an insulated neutral messenger made of AAAC, which the insulated aluminium phase conductor are helically wound over it. Cables are rated at 0.6/1(1.2)kV and conform to IEC60502.

a) Phase - The phase conductor shall be of H68 Condition aluminium conductor and compacted circular stranded.
b) Neutral or messenger - The Neutral or messenger conductor shall be of aluminium alloy conductor and compacted circular stranded.
The phase, neutral conductors shall be extruded with polyethylene(PE) as insulation.

2.What structure of SWA Armoured Power Cable?

Cable structure
Conductor Copper Conductor as per IEC 60228
Circular or Shaped conductor
Flexible conductor(class 5) optional
Insulation PVC(polyvinyl chloride) rated at 75℃,many color optional, or XLPE
Metallic Screen optional Copper tape or copper wires braiding optional
Armored:Steel wire
Sheath:PVC or FR-PVC type ST2 to IEC 60502, black or red or customization.

3. What machines to manufacturing this cable?

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