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How to build a factory for ACSR cable?

How to build a factory for ACSR cable?

1.Customer requirements are as follows:

Range: ACSR Conductor:
From 1x35mm up to 1x240mm size of ACSR conductor.
ABC Cable:
From 4x35mm up to 4x240mm cables.
NYY Copper Cable:
From 1x6mm up to 1x300mm copper cable.
From 4x6 up to 4x240mm copper cable.

2. Wire drawing production process:

For copper conductor, aluminum conductor and steel wire, I suggest new factory to buy raw material directly. 

Because the value of wire drawing machine is very expensive. Quickly complete the production and sales.

 If the market is good, then purchase the wire drawing machine.

3.  7 core steel wire of ACSR production process:

this step use tubular stranding machine 1+6 structure. 

Its main purpose is to strand copper aluminum conductors and steel wires, and its running speed is fast and stable.

4. 300mmsq aluminum conductor twist process:

Its main purpose is to strand copper aluminum conductors, meanwhile it can make milliken conductor too.

5. ABC cable from 4x35mmsq up to 4x240mmsq production process:

This step only one machine can meet, 1250/1+3 or 1250/4 cradle laying up machine.

6. Cable sheath and jacket extruding process:

Different extruders are used according to different cross sections.

(1)70 extruder for 6/10/16mm2 insulated wire.

(2)90 extruder for 4*6-4*50mm2 insulated wire.

 (3) 150 extruder for 4*50-4*300mm2  insulated wire.

Note: when customers choose machines, they usually have high configuration and low configuration. Generally, 

factories recommend high configuration, but for customers with limited investment, low configuration is more appropriate.

Production process video:


Max Xu-China Wire Machine Expert:

Engaged in cable machinery and equipment for 15 years, products are sold to various countries in the world, and has a very comprehensive experience in building factories. For example, 4 years ago, Azerbaijan CASPIAN Kablo.

The customer's total investment is 2 million US dollars, and all the machines are purchased from Max Xu. The customer's factory is developing rapidly and the machine is running stable.

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