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Cable Extrusion Line

50+30 Cable Extrusion Machine For CAT5/6 Cable

Name: 50+30 cable extruder machine
Application: Cable insulated layer.
Voltage: 110V/230V/240V/380V (50/60Hz)
Designed speed: 200m/min
Central height of equipment: 1000mm
Rotating speed of screw::100r/m
Warranty time: 1 year.
Delivery time: 50-70 days
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50+30 Cable Extrusion Machine For CAT5/6 Cable.

1. Use
50+30 cable extruder is suitable for sheathing wire and cable by hot extrusion of thermoplastic cable materials such as polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene, PE, XLPE, low-smoke and halogen-free.

It mainly produces CAT5 / 6, up5, UP6 series, with 500 double twisiter+ 500 back-twister, 800 cantilever single strander, and 70 extruder.


Use regional power



Operation direction

Right head machine (entered from the left hand direction) to be determined


Extruder material

PVC, PE, low smoke, halogen free, etc.


Finished out dia.



Production line mechanical design line speed

200M/min Max


Actual line speed

Depending on the thickness of the sheath


Production line height (head center)



Power demand of this production line

Each set 32KW


Machine color

Main color Joakia, shield: yellow, or customer supplied swatch


PN500 double head pay-off frame

1 set


Tension dancer

1 set


Input line adjust straight device

1 set


SJ-50×25 extruder host

1 set


SJ-30×25 Two-color auxiliary machine


U7 free adjust core machine head

1 set


Automatic suction dryer

1 set


Main electrical control operation box

1 set


Out diameter tester

1 set


Front moving water tank (1.5m)

1 set


8M main cooling sink

1 set


15kv power frequency spark tester

1 set


Independent blow dryer

1 set


400+400mm double wheel extractor

1 set


PN500 double reel take-up and traverse machine

1 set

Screw diameter: φ 30mm
Length diameter ratio of screw: 25:1
Screw type: high efficiency BM screw;
Screw speed: 100r / min
Glue output (max): PVC: 60kg / h;
Main motor power: 7.5kW (AC), AC motor
The screw material is 38CrMoAlA, the surface is nitrided, the nitriding depth is 0.5-0.8mm, and the surface hardness is ≥ hv840
The barrel material is 38CrMoAlA, the surface is nitrided, the nitriding depth is 0.5-0.8mm, and the surface hardness is ≥ hv940
The main motor is 7.5kW AC motor controlled by Shenzhen sinusoidal frequency conversion speed regulation system.
Temperature adjustment and heating
The temperature controller adopts the latest generation of digital touch products, and the temperature control accuracy is ± 2 ℃
Number of temperature control sections (fuselage / nose): 3 / 2
The fuselage adopts electric heating and fan section cooling.
The machine head adopts Haff clamping, which is convenient to operate.
The gear box is processed by hard tooth surface grinding process. All gears are quenched and tempered with 40Cr, the tooth surface is quenched and tempered with high frequency, the surface hardness is hrc50-55, and the shaft is quenched and tempered with 45# steel, hb173

30/20 vertical strip injection machine
This equipment adopts φ 30 screw; Outside φ 80 barrel; Ordinary 380V, 50Hz, level 4 4kw motor; Reducer; Electric control cabinet, etc; The stripper is fixed on the fuselage of 30 main engine.
The screw and barrel are made of 38CrMoAlA material through various processes, with a hardness of more than hv840; Screw length diameter ratio 1:20
The motor adopts 380V, 50Hz, 4-level 3.7KW AC motor, which is regulated by frequency converter.
Screw speed: 0-60 rpm.
The latest generation of touch temperature controller is used for temperature control, with temperature control accuracy of ± 2 degrees. Low voltage components are Chint products

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